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Christmas, Christmas and suddenly Christmas is over. It’s amazing how the days we cannot wait for during the year go by so fast we don’t even realize they were there! Today, I have wanted to share with you what I got for Christmas from my family and friends.


It’s amazing how your family knows you so well even if they see you few times a year! Chocolate is literately one of my favorite things in the world! And if it’s Polish chocolate that’s even better! I got two chocolates from my Grandmother, one with blueberry and other one with fruits. Trust me there’s non left, Oppss.
Hair Dryer
The another thing I got from my grandmother was a hair dryer. I know what you’re thinking. A hair dryer, really? But for me that’s ideal as I live with my family and our hair dryer is constantly getting missing around the house. But now I have a hairdryer of my own! YAS!
Fashion is…
Yeah? Fashion is, what? Oh, I wonder! Josh, knows we all too well! I’m such a geek when it comes to fashion books and this one way to cool not to have it in your fashion library! It has photographs of fashion items displayed in The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York with little quotes about fashion. Loves it!
Tablet Samsung Galaxy
You may not know this but technology and I don’t really get along! It takes me ages to learn how to use another tech device but oh well I’ll be ok haha! I’ve always felt like tablets are bit of waste of money because, hey computers do the same thing! Until I got a tablet of my own! To be honest I’m still bit slow with it, as my laptop is my baby but I need to addit it, tablet does make life whole lot of easier! It’s smaller, lighter and you can take it anywhere!
Piggy Bank


The last but not least. Piggy bank!!! My sister always knows how to surprise me! Unfortunately money don’t really stay with me for long so this might be a cure for it haha. And it’s tres cute!


Surprised that I haven’t written as much as I would usually do? Well, there’s a reason for that! To make life bit more interesting I’ve made a vlog with all those items gifted to me! I know I have you in the past fashion videos, but what I’ve really, really wanted to make was vlogs! And I just couldn’t do it! For so many reasons, but now it’s up and it’s public and it’s free!! So please watch it, like it, share it, and subscribe!


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