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Yesterday, has meant to be super productive but guess what. After only few hours of being awake my body gave up on me. Having an unbelievable headache which I cannot even describe, my natural instinct was to ignore it and sleep it off. Did it help? Not a bit, ok I admit my head is not hurting as much as yesterday. Hmm.. it could be that yesterday was my day off for weeks and my body could just not handle the shock. Yes, I admit I’ve been overworking myself lately, not sleeping, and eating bunch of crap, I guess yesterday it hit me. Hard.
And this kind of stuff just don’t happen to me! I pride myself that as I call it, I’m unbeatable! But for the next two weeks, I’m free from uni, which means I can take it easy with that part of my life and go crazy with writing and blogging, which I meant to do yesterday but as you see it didn’t work out quite well. Β But now I’m back to the living and after such a long rest, my batteries are recharged and I can start doing what I love doing. Blogging, writing and planning new shoots!
And as we are on the subject of shoots, and I mean photo shoots, it’s not like I’m planning to shot people, look what I’ve found! These photo’s were created months ago! I’ve totally forgot about their existence, until now. And even thou they might be outdated my some people I’m still sharing them. Not only because I’m so proud of how they’ve turned out, even with the lack of sun shine, but also because I’m still in love with this outfit I’ve worn for a charity event few months ago.
And as much as I love my rock ‘n’ roll fashion sense, let’s face it, it’s not too appropriate to wear for a charity event. Therefore I’ve decided to go simple and chic with my outfit. And when it comes to monochrome, it is always a ‘yes’ choice for me. From the flare pants, the black shirt with white peter pan collar and black frills with silver studs. And please let’s not forget this amazing white motorbike jacket! I just can’t get enough of it! But if you’ve been following my style for a while you’d know that I do like a pop of color for time to time, I’ve always felt like red mixed with black and white’s was always the most effective. Bit of texture, basic colors and all about elegance, and vola, the outfit of the day is done!


















Photography: Josh Milton
Jacket – Primark
Shirt – Stradivarius
Trousers – Mango
Shoes- Sergio Tucci
Frills – Frills by A.D
Belt – H&M
Bracelet – Equilibrium


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