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My goal for this week was to give you at least one post each day. Unfortunately yesterday that didn’t happen. Which means today you’ll get two posts! For the second one you’d have to wait a bit longer as I’m experiencing some trouble with my photo editing software but hopefully I’m going to be able to fix it soon so I can share with you a really cool place that I’ve visited last week! When I think about it now, I’ve visited two really cool places in the past week or so. But the details to these two will be reveled in upcoming posts.
As each morning this week I’ve wanted to share with you another outfit of mine. I’m sure it’s way too cold to wear it now, but I’ve shot it weeks ago and later totally forgot to share it with you. If I compare it to my other outfits, I think for now it’s my favorite one so far! Not only because it combines everything I love in fashion at the moment, like monochrome, metallic pieces and comfort but also because it’s completely different to what I would wear, ever! But different is good, sometimes isn’t it? Trying different fashion helps us learn what could fit our style and what couldn’t. I’m always looking at fashion, from magazines, to films and of course other bloggers. This time an inspiration for this outfit was Joel form The Hallowed Ground. When I’ve first started blogging Joel and Olivia from Olivia Emily were the first British bloggers I’ve found, and competitively fall in love with their sense of style. Being someone who always gravitated towards monochrome and unique pieces no wonder the moment I’ve seen how these two put their clothes together I’ve intensely fallen in love with their style! 
And after doing my regular, Saturday read of my favorite blogs and there are a few, I had a look at this outfit and just realized how reading the blogs of my favorite bloggers and seeing their style, influence me and my style! Trust me few years ago I wouldn’t even consider wearing Adidas shoes, and now these are my to go shoes! For this outfit I’ve wanted to show some off my favorite things about style. And at the moment there are 3 things I love in fashion they are sporty chic, elegance and bit of edginess. With this outfit that’s exactly what I’ve wanted to represent. I’m not sure if I’ve succeeded with representing these things with this outfit but I feel quite happy with it ^_^  What are your thoughts?
Oh by the way after a loooong break I’ve finally decided to go back on the pages of So if any of you have it please follow me and I’ll do the same for you! ^_^
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Jacket – Primark
Top – New Look
Leggings – Black Milk Clothing
Shoes- Addidas
Earrings – Dior 
Frills – Frills by A.D
Cuffs – Sofia Dourvari



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