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Today, I had a completely different article coming for you, however as everyday before I’ve even opened blogspot I’ve checked my email and all social media. Few day’s ago I’ve downloaded an app called, Timehop, I was aware of it for a while as many of my friends have and use it on weekly bases. But as always I am always a bit late with these things, Timehop became part of my phone only a week ago. Timehop is a mobile app that connects with your facebook, twitter and instagram, bringing back old photos and statuses. Isn’t a great way to see what you’ve been up to year ago, two years ago or even three years ago?  I am so glad that I did find that app and check it today! Because otherwise I would have totally forget that today is the day that I’ve received my first gift from a designer to show on my blog! And these were the silver leather cuffs from Sofia Dourvari, that I wear till this day! Before starting this blog I would have never thought I’d get these amazing opportunities to show you the brands that aren’t necessarily so easy to find in Westfield or Oxford Street. And as you know I am all about the unique brands and being one of a kind as much as about the classic pieces, mixing and playing around with fashion is one of my favorite things to do! That’s why I’m being opened minded about fashion and beauty brands that come to me about an article or being shown on the blog! 
This morning I’ve received this fantastic floral jacket from Goose Feel an Italian brand that specializes in trendy and stylish jackets, ideal for winter! When I’ve received the parcel, for a split second I’ve thought that it was empty. The package felt like air, but it defiantly wasn’t. When I’ve opened it, I’ve found a black, puffy jacket covered in floral print, light as air it’s self, no wonder the package felt so light! Looking at the jacket, colorful statement necklace form Goosimar Wings,black Burlington Cloudberry Bag and the silver cuff from Sofia Dourvari I got inspired. I’m quite aware that these photos may not the justice to the outfit comparing to ones from previous articles, but I was so inspired and excited to show you this outfit that I could not wait! Don’t forget to see the full collection of Goose Feel:









Jacket – Goose Feel
Trousers – H&M
Shoes – George
Necklace – Goosimar Wings
Rings – Primark
Eyeliner – Rodial Skincare



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