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Yes, I’m quite aware that the Christmas time is gone, but that shouldn’t stop me from posting an outfit that I’ve worn for a walk I went to with my family shouldn’t it? On the Christmas Day me and my family went for a short and I mean very short walk (it was way too cold for a long walk) around the shopping center near where I live. As it was a second day for me without anything massive to do and I’m talking about an event, party, photo shoot, anything. I quickly changed from my super comfy PJ’s to this very warm and chic outfit. Which let’s face it was also very comfortable! Each year around Christmas time, my outfit choices become much more elegant and bold. Playing with reds and monochrome. Textures and blacks. During the last days of December (and New Years Eve is just tomorrow!) I always tend to go bit more festive and adventurous with my outfits. We’re talking about structure and shapes!
Red is such a perfect color for December! It’s rich, fun and completely timeless. It can also be worn n so many different way, coat? Nails? Lips? You name it. This time I’ve decided to go for my New Look coat that I’ve bought on boxing day sale last year, and I wear it till this day. It’s so stylish and warm! Mixed with my Cloudberry Bag in red ostrich print it, shows the Christmas richness and luxury, even thou this outfit is very simple. I always have tricks to make even the simplest and plane outfit bold. I’m not sure about you but the covered in gold ring from Gossimar Wings just catches my attention so much each time I look at these photos. Is it the color or the boldness of it? I’m not sure. I don’t tend to wear lot’s of rings, but I think I will start doing it as rings are a huge love of mine! It’s amazing how even one right can complete an outfit!
I don’t know about you but the Christmas spirit has already left me and I’ve spend a whole day clearing out my laptop and listing to music, and as I’m writing this I’m watching “Requiem for a Dream” drinking hot chocolate and trying to find a cold that has caught me, just my luck. Let me tell you one thing, Jared Leto is a babe!





Jacket – New Look
Sweater – H&M
Trousers – Mango
Shoes – George
Necklace – Vintage

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