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It’s this time of year again, when it’s completely ok to eat too much gingerbread cookies, drink too much hot chocolate and wine, get stuffed on the best foods possible and get usually spoiled by ‘Santa’! It’s Christmas time! *does happy dance* As being Polish I’ve started to celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December, as each Christmas I always feel a bit festive and tend to wear a dress or a skirt. This year I went for something very elegant but as always with a bit of edge. So that’s what I came up with, there isn’t a better sparkle than Swarovski sparkle right? ^_^
I’ve wanted to wish you all very merry Christmas, eat too much food, drink too much hot chocolate and wine, spend this time with your loved ones and enjoy yourself to the fullest! Also massive thank you to all of who visit this blog, comment on it, share it and continue to support it yet another year! Without you wonderful readers this blog wouldn’t exist, and that would be a tragic as blogging became such a massive passion of mine! Once again Merry Christmas! Lots of love, guys! 
Kinga & Rock this Runway Team

Skirt  – H&M

Tights & Shoes – Primark
Necklace & Bracelet – Swarovski
Lips – MAC Rubby Woo 

Christmas Tag
No one has tagged me so I’ve tagged myself. Also please note all the questions are taken from YouTube ^_ ^
When do you start getting excited about Christmas?
When I was younger I’d get excited for Christmas mid- October or just after Halloween. Now my Christmas spirit comes the moment I see the Christmas decorations at Oxford St.
Are you going anywhere for Christmas? 
Nope, I’m staying in London, however my grandparents came here to see me (and the rest of my family of course)
What would you like to get for Christmas?
I honestly don’t know. I think the older I get the harder the decisions of Christmas wish list gets… But did not stop me to create it a wishlist ^_^ I don’t know, socks would be nice 🙂
Do you believe in Santa Claus?
I use to but I don’t believe in him now.

What’s your favorite Christmas dish?
For the Christmas Eve, I have a traditional Polish Christmas menu with no meat (sadly) my favorite dish would be barszcz z ułszkami (beetroot soup with little dumplings) but on the first day of Christmas me and my family have a traditional British Christmas dinner and I love the turkey!

What is your favorite Christmas decoration?
I adore my Christmas tree, it’s such a lively decoration ^_^

Do you decorate your room for Christmas?
Each year I put little lights on my bedroom windows however this year my sister was faster and she took the light’s I’ve wanted to use 🙁

If you have a Christmas tree, is it real or fake?
It’s fake. There’s too much hustle with a real one. However in Poland we’ve always had a real one.
Favorite Christmas song?
I guess it will be “Last Christmas” by Wham. I’m into old music so yeah.

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?
There’s too many!!! I love them all, but if I had to chose I’d say “How Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Home Alone”

Do you have any Christmas traditions? 
As I said before on the 24th of December (today) me and my family have a traditional non-meat Polish Christmas dinner, than we open our presents and usually we end up playing some sort of a game ^_^ (I always lose)

Best present ever received?
It’s hard to chose. I don’t know to be honest. The best present during Christmas is to have my whole family together 🙂

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