Happy December darlings! Is it just me or do we all feel the Christmas in a air? December just started and we have 17 days till Christmas day and I’m already being spoiled, hehe! Ok, that was a overstatement. Or was it? So press day season is coming to it’s end, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing opportunity’s that I got, to see all those amazing brands and trends for next season and being utterly spoiled rotten by them! What I love mostly about press days is the fact that I really get to know the brands I’m seeing! In fashion week everything is happening to fast and from such a big distance believe it for not, that sometimes it’s hard to actually recall what you saw!

On average a model on the runway is posing 3 seconds! That’s not much time to see full details of the clothing or the accessories, and let’s not forget a beauty part is also a massive part of the fashion machine. But ironically the beauty part is not as seen on the catwalk as it is on press days, it’s not like models are labeled with beauty brands used on them during the shows. No, that would completely ruin the look of the show (unless that’s the designers idea than I’d say go for it! 🙂 ) That’s why press days were invented, at least I think that’s the reason they did, please correct me if I’m wrong 🙂 During a whole month of press days not only high fashion and beauty brands are showing their trends but also high street brands! These brands that aren’t shown during LFW or rarely have fashion shows are opening their showrooms to share their look on trends with press and bloggers! I went to some really exciting ones and most of the review’s will be published on Meade Magazine so please don’t forget to check it out! And now after two paragraphs of me rumbling, I think it’s time to show you what I was gifted/chose from the brands! 

Marks and Spencer’s
Marks and Spencer’s is one of those brands that I love! From a distance. Well if I have to be completely honest, when it comes to this high street shop the only thing I’ve bought there in past couple of months was sushi for the food section! And defiantly not because I wanted to wear it. For some odd reason M&S is or rather was a brand that I could never find something. However just like last season press day’s helped me with that. I find it so weird that once I get to have closer look at the clothes, look at them from totally different perspective suddenly I will find some piece that will be perfect for me! Like this stunning monochrome, printed limited edition clutch I’ve received at M&S press day! And do I love it? YES I DO! When it comes to prints they tend to work beautiful on bags or clutches, especially in monochrome! As this is from M&S spring/summer collection, the monochrome aztec print is ideal for this time of year! And as monochrome is always in, it can actually work very well anytime! Daytime, nighttime you name it!
This top is ultra soft, it’s made out of the softest cotton possible! The philosophy of Speedway is to use the best fabric which later on gives this vintage look to the clothes, without even having the years of vintage clothing! You may already know I am a huge lover of vintage clothes, not only the shops but also the look of the vintage, some clothes and accessories look even better after a while such as leather jackets, ripped jeans or boots. I think it brings more character to the item of clothing. It almost feels like the items we are wearing and loving are telling the story of it’s owner! During the press day I could chose from 3 different shades: white, grey and black. As you know I love black! So no wonder I went for classic black t-shirt! It’s so soft and comfortable and so easy to style! That’s why the basics are no.1 for me! The only thing I was surprised when trying on this top was the fact that it’s size 8 it’s still bit too bag for me. But oh well it’s not the first or the last time that happened to me 🙂
It’s not a secret that H&M is one of my favorite high street brands! When I’ve found out that I could cover the new collection of H&M Studio S/S ’15 for Meade Magazine (review coming soon) I literally jumped out of happiness! You can only imagine the idiotic smile I had on my face for the whole day! Don’t we all have a little crush on this Swedish brand that is H&M? Price tags, their trend eye and very good quality of the clothing is an always a win for me! And as the H&M’s showroom was full of colors and textures for S/S ’15 I went for something slightly different. On the day all the press go gifted H&M’s gift card, which in my opinion is such a lovely thing to do, this way you can buy whatever you need or want! You can also buy H&M’s gift card in the store 😉 All I really wanted and needed was simple black jeans. I have another pair of leather pants from H&M and am I love with the style and quality that’s why H&M was the store where I’ve went to get the black jeans. Keep it simple.
Open Stores
Open Stores is a new menswear brand which I must say am so happy to be introduced to! Yes, I am fully aware it’s menswear but I never tend to look at labels that much. If I’ll like it I’ll wear it irregardless to the label or whenever it’s meant for women or men. Full review of the brand is now published in Meade Magazine and if you are into prints and colors this might be just for you! As for me I am in love with the softness of this t-shirt! It’s in size L which is way too big for me but I don’t mind at all! When worn with leggings and belt it can be transformed into a dress! Ahh I just love when clothes have multipurpose! The white and blue stripes remind me so much for the Parisian chicness! Something I was looking for, for months! And the softness of it is just unreal! 
Let’s face it winter is here, unfortunately. But there’s a positive thing in that! There’s more time to pumper ourselves! During the cold winter day’s I’m always staying indoors, in my cozy little room, listing candles, drinking hot chocolate and spoiling my skin. I got gifted this Ndulge foot balm at one of Bloggers Love event’s held in Central London. As you may know I love everything natural, especially skincare products, so you can only imagine my joy when I’ve found out that all the ingredients in this foot balm are all organic! The smoothing and relaxing effect it has on my feet and nose  as well as this stuff smell amazingly! I totally recommend it for all of you who love natural beauty products!
Umberto Giannini
Umberto Giannini is a brand I was already familiar with. Having using their hair conditioner for the past couple of months, and since I’ve been using it my hair gained so much shine and strength! During the Bloggers Love gifting lounge few weeks ago I got the chance to meet with Umberto Giannini, spoke person and was given to this Ingulgent Beauty Moisture Mask to help my hair gain the strength and smoothness. I must say after few weeks of using this product my hair feels silk soft!
Batiste Dry Shampoo
Well what can I say? Batiste Dry Shampoo is a must have in my beauty shelf! Whenever you are running late or it’s a bad hair day. Dry Shampoo is perfect for any occasion! I’m sorry if I’m not able to tell more about it but to be completely honest I’m not to sure what I can say about a dry shampoo besides that it’s PERFECT!
HJ Manicure
Last month I had an amazing opportunity to come to the launch of HJ Manicure an organic, that’s right, organic brand new nail polish brand! The brand that is all about things natural, and you would have thought nail polish that not only sticks but is defiantly full of bad chemicals is one of the things that cannot possibly be organic, am I right? No, I’m wrong! This toxic free, nail polish in beautiful alpine green shade that I may add isn’t tasted on animals and it’s 100% against animal cruelty (thank god for that!) still has fantastic texture to it. And it lasts forever on the nails! This shade comes form the new A/W 2014 range which you can buy now!
Jeunvie Natural Skin Care
Jeunvie is the brand that made me crazy about organic skin care! I don’t think you can imagine my excitement when I’ve received this healing skin balm! And it couldn’t come in better time! When I’ve received it, it was beginning of October and my skin started to lose the glow and moisture it gained during my holiday’s in Spain. I think we all know the pain! And as my skin isn’t perfect like it may look like in the photos, this little unscented miracle bottle full of minerals and aloe vera helped me and continues to make my skin get rid of all the toxins in form of breakout and dry skin. And it’s smoothness is relaxing! Feels like I have home spa! And now you can buy the Jeunivie products for 25% off all the items across the site! Hurry the offer ends on 31st December!


I consider myself unbelievably lucky! For the second time I had an amazing opportunity to see S/S ’15 collection of Swarovski which you can see also in Meade Magazine. Like last season all the press was gifted one item from the Swarovski’s new collection. Last season I got the stunning double wrap bracelet, which I wear till this day as it’s a perfect accessory! This time I got gifted a necklace, filled with hundreds of gold Swarovski crystals! I love how it shines and how elegant it is! The mixture between two shades of gold are ideal as it means I can play around and mix and match gold and silver, as the lighter shade of gold looks suitable to be mixed with silvers and grey’s. I will try to find that out and will keep you updated.


Another fabulous and unique lipsticks that I got gifted during Bloggers Love! Well these are not my standard colors but I think I can make them work somehow! I love the texture and even the color of them! The orange lipstick is ideal for this time of year and mixing it with little bit of my other lipsticks with a shade of red I’m sure I can get stunning color to brighten up these autumn days! I’ve also seen that the brand has many other shades such as silver, it would look simply stunning with a smokey eye and the classic shades of purple and pink!
Motives by Loren Ridinger in shade NAKED 
This week I was lucky enough to attend a beauty event which I will review on here soon. In mean time I’ve wanted to show you a little item I had in my gift bag that I was gifted after the event. The most soft and hydrating lipstick that I’ve worn in my life! For a second I’ve thought that it’s a lip balm with color in it, but I was wrong. It’s the most softest lipstick that I even worn! And the perfect shade of nude it ideal for this time of year as I love wearing dark eye make up and we all know the darker the eyes the lighter the lips. Or at least more natural color.
Eylure Eyelashes 
I’m usually not the one to wear fake eyelashes, I have my own lashes, thank you very much! However since last’s seasons press day when I was introduced to Eylure Eyelashes, these are a must in my make up bag, not only there’s a massive range of different eyelashes, from natural to long and thick ideal for any face and eye shape! I love how they feel so light, it’s almost like I’d never wear eyelashes!
Huge thank you to all the brands, designers and PR agency’s for having me at your press days and events and of course for all the goodies! 😉 I’m hoping you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed using and wearing your brands! 
Much love! X


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