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Arctic Monkeys A.M album

Who else loves music. And I mean loves music. Ok, I think the easier question will be who doesn’t like music? NO ONE! I think everyone likes music, it’s just a question of what kind of music. Arctic Monkeys are a band that I knew for a while but never really gave a second look to until has suggested it to me and that was the moment when I’ve fallen in love with them! It’s a very chill music ideal for fans of classic rock and blues! 
MAC lipstick in shade hang up

This season the darker the lips, the better! I have always been fond of red lipstick. There is something special about it. During those cold winter days I usually prefer a very dark lips with light make up (contrasting kids)! I have been looking for a very dark red/burgundy lipstick for ages and just couldn’t find the right shade. Well this time I’ve found it! Online haha! Defiantly my must have! 

Black and Silk Scarf from McQ  by Alexander McQueen

December isn’t as cold as it use to be *yeah* but that doesn’t mean that winter is completely gone. I love multitasking fashion items, this scarf will keep you warm and stylish for more than just this winter! I’m already a proud owner of one silk scarf and I love it some much, that I think a monochrome one would be amazing to have! 

How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits by Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret

Did you know I’m a book worm? And besides from Harry Potter series there are books that I love even more! And that’s fashion books! And books that are teaching you how to get the Parisian look are even better! The moment I’ve heard about this book I knew it will have to be in my fashion library!


Black Fur Coat

A black fur coat is a complete must for those who like to stand out and to the lovers of luxury. The fur coat doesn’t have to be worth thousands and be made out of real fur. An artificial one from a high street store can do an exact the same job! I’ve been looking for one for ages and let’s hope this year will be my lucky one. Also it’s a very good investment to give a coat for Christmas as it will last for more than one season and fur coats never fade out of fashion. It’s a statement!

Black Tweed Jacket

Tweed, tweed, tweed. I just can’t get enough of it! I have two different tweed jackets in my wardrobe and I love them to bits, however I feel like a black one is way more classic and it can really be worn with anything!

Studded Black Converse

Even being a high heel lover, converse have always had a soft spot in my heart. Sadly I’ve never owned a pair, and that’s a bit of a shock considering a fact that I use to be skater chic! Well there’s always a time to get them right? In my opinion converse are a classic, a must have no matter what your style is. And studded converse are a statement! That let’s face it must be made in fashion!

Chanel No. 5

There aren’t more classic perfumes than the world famous, Chanel No.5! The fresh and sophisticated smell, the timeless bottle and the history behind it is a perfect gift for a fashionista!

Nike Air Max in Black

Ok. I admit. I’m not the one to follow trends but this time I just couldn’t help myself! Those nike air max in black just stole my heart! I’m starting to love trainers and the whole health goth style! Let’s face it black trainers will fit anyone’s style and fashion taste, and those air max will also give us a little bit of height which in my case isn’t much needed at 5’9″ but we all know I do like a good heel.

Carlotta Actis Barone knitted sweater in black

The last but not least is this stylish and trendy sweater my Carlotta Actis Barone! The fact that it’s black and it has holes in them makes it perfect for moi! I can’t even tell you how much I love this sweater, and other designs of Carlotta! An unique and stylish sweater is a perfect gift for Christmas or even after! You can buy it here.


I’m hoping you all liked my gift ideas 🙂
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