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Out of all people I like nothing more than a lazy Sunday. Stay in my pajamas all day, sip on hot chocolate, or my latest favorite, chai tea latte! If you haven’t tried it before, head to the nearest Starbucks or Caffe Nero (that’s where I got my first chai latte from hehe) and get it pronto! I had my first chai latte 2 years ago, while I was on my way to college, at the stupid time as well (starting classes at 9 a.m should be banned. Lucky this part is over for me) As I walked into Caffe Nero, to get my usual tall, latte I looked at the menu and my eyes spotted something called “Tea Chai Latte” at first I thought that was tea with some special milk, than I’ve thought that could be a different type of coffee I never heard of. Boy, was I wrong? To be completely honest with you, it’s impossible for me to describe the taste of chai latte. When it took my first sip, all I could think was how discussing it tasted! And than I got use to the cinnamon taste and liked it, and the process of disliking but keep drinking it continued couple of times. Chai Latte is one of those drinks that you have to taste for yourself to really know what it’s about and judge for yourself whenever you will like it or not. 

But wait a minute. This post was meant to be able style and I’m talking about chai latte’s haha, back to topic! So instead of having uter lazy Sunday I had a super busy one. Starting of with a photo shoot! As some one you may have noticed for a year now I have stopped modelling to concentrate on blogging and writing. However from time to time we all like to go back to our old habits, I have spent most of my Sunday doing what I use to love so much and meant everything to me! Modelling! When I’ve first started it was everything to me! I loved it more than anything, I started modelling and blogging around the same time and at first I’ve spent majority of my time modelling rather than blogging. This year it’s the opposite, I’ve stopped modelling completely! Putting my whole time and effort unto this blog made me quit modelling and in a way I didn’t mind at all! If you think about it I still get to model, on this blog! Haha, however modelling does give a different experience to blogging, you get to meet and work with so many people from designers to make up artists and photographers, see the creations be created, mostly on you hehe. It is defiantly a huge aspects of fashion industry. For those of you who’d like to try it, I’d say, go for it! But also be careful 🙂 

Your face and body is a crucial factor to modelling but let’s not forget about the comfort. Usually you will have to go thought several fashion changes in one shoot as well as fashion show. Forget about the latest trends and being fabulous (you’re always fabulous!) wear something comfortable! And don’t forget to sleep! If you look at my face, memorize it. This is what 2 days of no sleep looks like. Don’t pose without proper night sleep, kids. And last but not least! A HANDBAG! Yes, believe me a handbag is one of the most important things a model can have! It’s always good to be prepared, from extra make up, hairspray or in my case a camera, haha I’m one of those crazy people who always have their camera with them, well I like to be prepared. And as a back pack might seem like a perfect solution I still haven’t found the one that I’d like the most… Thank gosh for stylish handbags right?! What I love the most about Cloudberry ‘Burlington’ that I’ve recently got from them (Thank you so much again ^_^) is the fact that it looks so small yet the amount of stuff that it’s able to hold is unbelievable and so well made! I was at the press day few days ago and a women stopped me and asked me about my bag (the same one I have here) her exact question was “Is it the Hermes Birkin?” awhh unfortunately no. It’s not. But fortunately it’s Cloudberry! Style for less! If any of you are wondering yes, I totally passed the details unto the women about this brand, I mean who wouldn’t?! 




Jacket – Primark
Jeans – Pull & Bear
Shoes – Nike 
Silver Chain necklace – Bershka
Scarf – Hermes
Crystal necklace – Swarovski 


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