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Busy, busy, busy! These 3 words, well 1 actually, sums up my life at the moment perfectly! For the past few days I’ve been constantly writing and editing. This weekend I won’t do any press day’s or events. I’m taking sometime off to spend all the time catching up on writing the articles and editing. There are so many amazing brands I’ve seen the past few weeks, and many that has been introduced to me that I can’t even express my excitement about sharing all of this with you, so don’t forget to check out Meade Magazine as that’s the place where I’ll be giving you all the fashion, beauty and lifestyle scoops. And trust me there’s lot’s coming! And as I’m writing this, I’m also editing pictures from a H&M press preview that I an amaizng chance to attend last week! 

As you already may have notice H&M is defiantly one of my favorite high street brands, I think 60% of my wardrobe comes from H&M. So you can only imagine my excitement when I’ve found out that I was able to go to H&M’s showroom and find out all about the latest trends of the brand for next season! I will link up all the article with the pictures of the upcoming collection once it’s finished and will also show you what I got from them! As H&M is one of those brands that not only has amazing quality of the product and design but also is always on point with the latest trends. No wonder when I’ve decided to pick up and outfit for their press day all I could think about was navy and flares! I mean these two are a must have for this season! 

Funny story, I’ve walked past Topshop in Knightsbridge the other day and usually I’m not one of those people who get’s stopped by the window displays (unless it’s the Harrods Christmas one, admit it, it’s stunning!) and I’ve noticed a dress that I’ve seen couple of months ago during one of press day’s I attended. It was a white dress, with white fur hemline, very clean and simple, not really my style to be completely honest, but than again the dress was the reason why I’ve stopped for a second. And that doesn’t happen unless I’m in love with an item! The dress certainly wasn’t my style! So why did I stop to have a second look? Because ironically I’ve seen it before. Realizing that I’ve seen it months before most people were able to made me even more grateful for being in a position I am and doing what I love! In some weird, twisted way you do feel quite superficial when seeing the brands and trends ahead of everybody!









Photography: Josh Milton 
Jacket – H&M
Flares – Marlene Birger
Shoes – George
Scarf & Necklace – H&M

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