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As I said (or rather written) this before I have promised you to get all of the London Fashion Week outfits shown before Halloween, unfortunately this could not happen! Trust me no one is more annoyed with my lack of blogging than myself, but uni, and now press days take most of the time in my day that even when I really want to start writing an article for you after the crazy and busy day, my head is like “nope, not going to happen” ehhh.. Why oh why can’t a day be longer! Or maybe I should slow down a little? Haha… I don’t think so either! It was even suggested to me to hire someone to write the blog posts and do all the admit stuff for it while I’ll just run around and get the content ready. I’m not going to lie. For a slit second this sounded like a good idea. However, I don’t think in a million years this is going to happen! Yes, I have two wonderful people working with me and helping me out, with photography, editing, and having my schedule together. However when it comes to writing and selecting what I’m going to presented to it is completely my job, which I love to bits and will never, ever give it up! 
It would be like someone else would say my thoughts and style me and that just brings be back to modelling. And as much as the experience has been a blast I like to be my own boss thank you very much! 😉 And who else, besides from crazy little me could wear this dress all day long, during fashion week and beyond with pride and joy? Only me!  I think this printed dress became my must have and a regular LFW outfit as if any of you remember I’ve been wearing this dress for 2 years to every LFW! And believe it or not but each time it brings the stares of so many people telling me how wicked it is that I never want to take it off! And even thou each season I wear the same dress, I try to style it differently, so it’s going to suit the weather, season, and the mood I’m in. The dress having quite simple silhouette, with colorful print all over it made me think of summer and those hot days. I don’t know if any of you have noticed this but during spring/summer we tend to wear much brighter and happier colors when for autumn/winter we go back to basics of blacks and grey’s. For me September is a mixture of those two seasons, that’s when days become cooler but not cold, the sun is still shining but the warm of it fades away. The last and final day of LFW was a perfect day to show it off! With the colorful dress, bracelet and scarf I’ve wanted to represent the warm summer days that I still want to bring back, and with black Cloudberry Bag and heeless high heels and smokey eye I’ve wanted to show that in a way I am prepared for the cold season coming. 


















Photography: Josh Milton
Dress – Alexandra Carolina
Shoes – Alexander McQueen
Necklace & Bracelet – Vintage
Scarf – Hermes
Shirt – Primark
Bag Accessory – Stradivarius 


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