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Good Morning love’s! I am very sorry about the silent treatment I gave you for the past few days but I’m here now ready to give you all the gossip and share all the exciting things that are happening! As it’s press day season I am running around like a crazy person getting all the fashionable fashion and beauty content for both here and Meade Magazine. And as we are on the topic of Meade Magazine. If you like my page on facebook and follow me on twitter (If you’re not you should because there’s lot’s of hilarious fangirling going on my twitter page, if you want a laugh it’s defiantly something worth looking at) you may already know that besides from writing for them I’ve also became their Online Content Co-ordinator!
Now, the fact that I got to write for the magazine at my age, about the topics I’ve felt where worth writing for, sharing the fashion talent I’ve felt should be shown, alone is just breathtaking! Not only the experience gave me an exposure to different audience but also helped me find my voice within the fashion industry! I’ve learned and continue to learn the skills that every fashion journalist should have, finding out what people want to read and constantly improving myself on editing, filming, photography and of course writing! But I think the most important part is the fact that I’ve finally found what I want to do with my life! ย Now as their Online Content Co- ordinator my skills on communication are also improving. If any of you would like to be featured whenever you are a writer, brand or a designer I will be giving you all the contact information ย and submissions guidelines very soon. There are so many things worth writing for, the amount of talent people in fashion industry is truly astonishing! But as you may notice we all need the support to make their hard work pay off. Not only you can buy Meade Magazine in print (which trust me, it should be bought as soon as possible because the quality of the magazine is insanly high! And this comes from someone who’s incredibly critical of fashion magazines!) you can also buy a very stylish and fashionable calendar for 2015! If any of you would be so kind to purchase the calendar that would mean the world to me. Thanks to your support we will be able to help other fashion talent within the industry and it will help us grow as a magazine providing even better editorial and content quality!
And as I am writing this I’m getting ready to get even more exciting stuff for you guys! However what I have learned for the last half a year (It’s insane how much you can learn in such a short period of time!) is that for the press day season it is not only important to look incredibly fashionable but also conformable, walking miles and miles in heels isn’t too good. And getting tube in a rush hour is defiantly a no no for me! And as much as my fashionable site would love to wear those stilettos and a light dress, my sensible side tells me to wear something warm yet comfortable. I am all about playing around with fashion and trying new things. However from time to time it is just as important to tone down a little and get back to basics. I remember when just couple of years ago when my obsessive love for fashion has begun leather, blacks and smokey eye was everything to me! I would wear it on day to day basis, and didn’t care if it was freezing cold or unbearably hot outside. And somethings never change, I may not wear as much of leather and punk rock features as I use to but there defiantly some aspects of my style that remain the same even after 9 years. When I’m writing this now I realize just how basic this outfit is, leather jacket check, black leather trousers, check, basic black top, check, statement necklace check and classic and timeless bag, check. What I’m wearing here is something that should be in every women’s wardrobe, no matter of style, age or occupation. Sometimes it’s just good to go back to basics.
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Jacket – Vintage
Trousers – H&M
Shoes – George
Studded cuff – Vintage
Patterned leather cuff – Dziki Zachod
Chained Necklace – Bershka
Statement Necklace – Alice Wonders


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