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Good evening! Or should I say morning considering the fact it’s 2am while I’m writing this? Haha, that’s usually the reason why I’ve stopped writing those kind of introductions. I tend to write these articles hours or sometimes even days (or weeks we still have rest of LFW to cover!) But can you blame me? There simply isn’t enough hours in a day! Face it 24h is way to little! That might answer your next question. Why are the pictures shot in the dark?
Simply because there aren’t enough hours in a day! I would love to shot all of my style articles in a sun light or at least during those bright hours but sometimes specially with everything going on it’s hard! Before the retouching of the pictures, in almost all of them I had bright red eyes, I looked like a vampire, which considering the fact I’m all about those mythical creatures, and went as one in almost every Halloween, it isn’t a bad thing for me to look like one. But wait a second, October just started, and we have a whole month to prepare for the craziness of Halloween. I’m not even going to pretend I’m not excited. I can’t wait for Halloween, it’s defiantly one of my favorite days of the year! All the candy, crazy costumes and scary make up! Ahh bring it on!


I myself aren’t a huge fan of style photos being shot in the dark. For an evening wear, sure it works. But for this outfit I’ve really wanted to have it shot, maybe in the park, with sunlight and leaves creating beautiful back drop for the pictures… Well, hopefully next time! I just couldn’t wait to share these pictures with you, as even if these are shot in the dark, they still turned out amazing! Ahh I still need to learn how to use my camera, but I’m not complying. I love my camera and my current photographer, Josh to bits!!! 3 of us make such a great team! On the day, me and Josh were catching up and planning the weeks of events. October is going to be busy! But I literally cannot wait!
I think at this moment British weather is seriously bipolar! I can’t even describe how insanely annoying it is! When you think you have the perfect outfit, BAM it’s too hot! Or too cold! Really, I can’t live like this, haha! I like to plan my outfit’s in advance and in such weather it’s impossible! However the mixture of hot and cold (it feels like life is Katy Perry song!) was a perfect occasion to wear my tweeded flares! Gosh, I can’t get enough of these type of pants! Talk about perfection right?! I’ve bought them literally hours before my departure to Spain in being to August! Who the hell buys tweed ed pants in middle of summer?! Oh, yeah! Moi! Trust me, the wait to wear them was so worth it. It made me even more excited to wear them for Autumn days! And now here were are. As autumn isn’t only monochorme but bright colors I’ve really wanted to mix gold, orange and red. I love the combination of all those colors, even thou I’m not a ‘color’ person. Those little touches of color in an outfit here and there, really makes a difference.














Photography: Josh Milton
Jacket – H&M
Top – New Look
Pants – Mango
Scarf & Cuff – Hermes
Necklace – Pull & Bear
Earrings – Found in small Spanish market


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