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Last night, I got an absolute honor and privilege to represent Meade Magazine and it’s Founder and Editor in Chef, Fossy Meade in International Achievement’s Awards were both the magazine and Fossy Meade were nominated for an award of “Best Magazine of the Year” and “Editor of the Year” awards. I am incredibly proud and happy to announce that Fossy Meade won the “Editor of the Year” award! Seeing someones hard work, dedication and passion pay off is something amazing to be a part off.
As this wasn’t my first award ceremony I’ve been to, you can read all about Fashions Finest Awards last year here, I knew what to expect, from the event, from the attend guests and of course the fashion! Now, what about the fashion? Award ceremony is fantastic opportunity to look super elegant! I had literally few minutes to decide on what to wear. And sometimes very fast decisions can be best in fashion. As it all happens quickly and natural, you don’t over think, and spend ages deciding on the garments you’re going to wear.
A classic black dress is always a ‘yes’ for me! The elegance and simplicity of it works in every scenario, whenever it’s a day out or an awards ceremony such as this, a black dress will always be my all time favorite to wear. I love how different brands and designers play around with their vision of little black dress, using different cuts, fabrics and techniques to make this timeless piece their own. I have found this dress at the back of my wardrobe, it’s amazing how the pieces we buy get forgotten, even thou when we got them usually we get to excited to have them and cannot wait to wear them. International Achievements Awards was a perfect occasion for me to dig this dress out at the back of my wardrobe, and wear it in the most elegant way possible. But let’s not forget about the unique and statement pieces. Nothing makes a better statement piece than red. This color is eye catching, elegant and absolutely timeless, all the things red in fashion make me think automatically about 50’s. The time of red lips, hourglass happens and of Marilyn Manroe. But most importantly Dior! The brand so elegant and feminine. Those Dior double pearl earrings were a must have!








Photography: CLO Photography
Jacket – New Look
Dress – Jump Apparel
Shoes – H&M
Earrings – Dior
Necklace – Swarovski
Bracelet – Equilibrium


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