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 Such a cliche outfit name, right? Specially during fashion week! And a month past fashion week and I’m still showing you my outfits! Gosh, I’m not keeping up ain’t I? Trust me I feel utterly horrible about it, but the amount of uni work, office work for the blog and packed calendar it’s hard to blog laterally. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. 24h is not enough! Think about it, we need to go to school/work, eat, have time for our passion and sleep for 8 hours?! I’m sorry but I admit that this task cannot be complicated by me! I will sacrifice my sleep (it’s not like I sleep those 8h a night anyway, haha) and I’m still behind with my blogging!!! This really needs to change, no matter how much uni work I have to do. Ok, I don’t really mean it, this uni work is priority for me at moment, but I promise I’ll try to find few spare hours a day to blog!

For the day 4 of London Fashion Week (day 4! One more outfit to show, we’re getting there!) I admit I got sick of heels! Yes, the high heel lover! Haha, well I’m sure we all would after a while. Specially after whole days and hours of running around in them. I did my feet a favor. But not only this outfit was about comfort but also style! I hope I’ve created something along the lines of one of my favorite trends Sport Chic click on the link to find out about my thoughts on this trend that appears to be massive this season! Who doesn’t like to be comfortable and stylish?! I think at some point (specially during fashion week madness) that all we want! 

With this outfit I sure steeped out of my comfort zone and took a risk. But isn’t it what fashion week is all about? Playing with fashion? Pushing it’s boundaries? Trying new things? I think so! My best friend described this outfit as “very 90’s” and until she hasn’t point it out to me I didn’t see it! Ha! Looks like for LFW outfit’s I tend to give them different references without even noticing them, does this show that I spend lot’s of time browsing thought fashion magazines, fashion books and completely looking back at the fashion from the past? I sure do that! Fashion freak right here! 

I would never would be able to call this outfit ‘Sport Chic’ if there wasn’t a element of chicness in it! Over sized tailored jacket. Check! Flares (my must have piece this season!) Check! And super stylish and classic hand bag. Check! Check! Check! Yes, this outfit is completely different from my previous ones but it doesn’t make it less me for sure. 

Play with fashion. Not let fashion play with you! 



Jacket – Vintage
Top – New Look
Pants – Mango
Belt &Necklace – H&M
Cuff – Hermes

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