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I have learned a very important lesson on the day 3 of London Fashion Week this season. You don’t have to attend every show, every party and event. Yes, if you’re invited and want to see it, than attend. However it’s important to take a step back. I’d rather go to less a get all my ย coverage on time then attend each event and then have very poor reviews of the shows. Ok, now that is October and also almost a month from LFW I guess the my attempt to cover each show on time (and I still have to much to tell you and to show you, it’s unreal) didn’t really work out. But don’t worry well get there, by the time of Halloween I want to show you all of it, so fingers crossed. Also you can expect more than one post per day. Can I hear ‘yeah’?!

On the day I had lot’s of shows however due to feeling unwell I’ve decided to take a step back and just concentrate about the designer that mattered to me the most. You can see my full review on Sofia Dourvari collection here. It was truly magical! While I’ve found a free spot in the photographers section (I know, sneaky little me!) so I could get the good angle of the show, taking the photos, and looking very focused on each garment and detail, from my facial expression you may think that the show didn’t impress me as much. Wrong! As my face stayed focused in my mind I was going “Yas! I want that!” “So chic!” “Perfection!” “Want. Need this in my life!”. I was proper fangirling over the collection in my mind!

As Sofia’s show was for 2pm I had some time to kill, so I’ve stopped by Sommerset House to check out all of those fashionistas! I’ve even bummed into a well known blogger and street style photographer, Deight Alexander Smith who commented on my outfit as “One of the best one’s you’ve worn during LFW!” Hearing those words I was not only extremely happy but also bit surprised! You know why? As it was day 3 of LFW I kind of run out of ideas what to wear. I had each outfit planned for each day, but during the shows I would get so inspired that my whole idea would change. And guess what? In the morning when I’ve opened my wardrobe, I looked at it, filled with jackets, dresses, skirts, shoes and every basic fashion item you can think of. You could have thought that having lot’s of clothes makes life easier when it comes to choosing what to wear. I doesn’t and I’m sure each of you who has massive wardrobe will say the same thing! Don’t get me wrong I love clothes but sometimes less is more!

If your wardrobe is stocked with massive choice of fashion it takes much longer to decide what to wear. And the fun of fashion is killed. What I have done for this outfit was dress blind folded, not literally of course! I was aware of the maxi skirt trend, very 50’s trend. I’ve picked out the one I had and worked around it. Mixing with tweed jacket and studded non frills by Frills by A.Dย to keep me warm, as let’s face it September is the stupid month of warm to cold within minutes. As the studs on my frills were silver of course I would wear only silver details. I personally love the mixture of blue, black and silver, I don’t understand why I’m not working with those colors more often, the dramatic and cold effect it get’s is stunning!








Jacket – Mango
Skirt – Vintage
Studded non frills – Frills by AD
Shoes – Primark
Bag – Zara
Necklace – Alice Wonders
Cuffs – Sofia Dourvari
Scarf – Mango
Belt – H&M

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