Posted on October 1, 2014 by Kinga Kurek

As you know I love discovering new designers and brands. And in today’s day and age with such a massive reach of social media, it couldn’t be easier! We all know summer has sadly ended, and with October being already here you could have thought that it’s time to put our sunglasses in the boxes and just make them wait for next sunny season. Am I right? If yes then please think again. If you live in England like me or other part of the world for this matter, you’d know that with the climate change the weather became totally unpredictable. Specially here! I swear there are days when I wake up, look out the window and all I see are dark clouds, but the minute I get out of the house the sun starts shining so hard that all I can think about is the fact that I don’t have the sunnies with me!

I’m sure we all hate those type of situations, well I certainly do! But being fashion obsessed person, I would have lied if the practicality of sunglasses is the only thing I care about. Being a visual, I care so much about the look of the product and also for the way it’s made. That’s what happens when you study fashion kids. Haha, you’ll end up being curious about everything! Which isn’t a necessarily a bad thing!

That’s why when I’ve discovered Sunnies of London over Twitter, I’ve wanted to know all! And how adorable is their name?! The brand who recently launched their collection of bamboo round sun glasses certainly know thing or two about style. I love not only the fact that their products are made out of bamboo which is fantastic light material, and when used on sun glasses it will make them so light that at some point you might forget you’re wearing them! The half shape that reminds me of the round sunglasses massive during 1960’s and loved by rock icons and musicals such as John Lennon and Ozzy Ozbourne, gives the edge and elegance perfect for any face shape and also size! The ascetics of them are very simple which makes them much easier to style as both designs, in black and light brown will go with anything. They’re also unisex!





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