And LFW reporting continues… You know what I love mostly about the fashion week in general? Is to see the hard work, dedication, passion and talent come together is a must stunning collection. The diversity of each designers ideas is just incredible. I can never understand how each individual designer’s living their life’s differently, in different environment, knowing different people can come up with a collection that is completely different from one another but there are still few piece that represent each of the different designers, from the independent ones, high fashion and couture and later become known as ‘trends’. It’s fascinating don’t you think?
On the day 3 of LFW I was invited to see a designer and absolutely talented and lovely lady, who’s been supporting me for a long time! I think you all know who I’m talking about, the ascetics of the clothes speak for themselves! Sofia Dourvari, a Greek born, British designer is known for her elegant silhouettes and soft colors. Pastel being massive last season, looking like they will continue to be, according to Sofia. The couture designer, took a little bit different approach to the idea of soft colors this season. As S/S is always about the colors, light fabrics and the fit. Sofia Dourvari gave us all of those things. Oh, and something even better as well! The sparkle! Just because you can never get too much embellishment.
The whole collection gave away the true essence of a couture Spring Summer. From the massive amounts of tulle in one of the dress, to classic white jacket (my absolute favorite! You all know I like a good jacket) I love how simple it is,sometimes the most simplest and classic things are best, you can never go wrong with it. And the gold embellishment on the edge gives away the couture look to it, ideal for any season and occasion.


















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