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Gosh, I really am good at multitasking. Can you imagine while writing this post I am editing the rest of the pictures from London Fashion Week and writing the reviews of the collections AND writing this blog post?! Don’t ask me how I am doing this I still haven’t figured it out. As much as I have tone of stuff to share with you, such as pictures, collections and my impressions of current trends we’ll need to step back a little bit. Whenever writing a review on such a major event (I can’t believe I just used the word ‘major’ it’s like how mainstream can I be?! *Sips on overpriced Fiji water while saying this*) I like to take my time, especially now since the duty of taking photos and editing them is all on me! Where is your photographer when you need her?! Haha don’t worry I think I may live few more months without her, maybe πŸ™‚
Well, not only the duty of attending the events (I love it, can’t complain on this matter) taking and editing the photos and reviewing them, doing all of my outfit posts, going to work AND since last week going to uni. Please don’t ask me how I will try to manged doing all of this work and still stay sane, I haven’t figured it out, yet. I’ve survived fashion week so this should be walk in the park, right? And since I’ve mention fashion week. Brace yourself because I still need to share the rest of the outfits and reviews, but for now let’s get back down to earth and till well, calm outfit. This is what I’ve worn for one of my days at uni, surprisingly the fact that I’m studying in an art school didn’t make me into the stereotypical art kid with over the top outfits and colorful hair, not yet anyway, only time will tell. For now I have decided to keep it very casual, after a week of literally running around in heels around London, going from one show to another it felt good wearing some flat shoes. And these white boots from H&M were a love at first sight, and for only 4 quid! Say what?! I love how I’m always able to find a brag-in!
But just because it’s casual it doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish or interesting. Whenever I dress in all black and white, and let’s face it, this happens way too often I try to accessorize as much to not only make my outfit stand out little bit but also it makes me feel like I’ve actually put some effort into it. Since I’ve started to get really into fashion which was probably 9 years ago, I’ve always liked accessorizing, it’s a massive part of fashion and personal style. We all have our favorite necklace, favorite handbag or favorite bracelet. In my case on of my favorite accessories are two things, this Knitsbridge bag from Cloudberry Bags and the studded frills from Frills by A.D.! The brand has a large range of different frills, from studded to colorful prints, and even denim! In other words, there’s something for everyone! I got a chance to model for the brand few months ago and as for my modelling experience this one was defiantly one of the best. The whole atmosphere of the shot, the other models, photographer and of course the designer and founder of Frills by A.D, Annalise Dayes, took very good care of us models, not only providing a fun and safe environment to work in but also we all got gifted each a pair of frills of our choice! As being little bit rebellious I have chosen the black studded ones! Not only these are super soft, comfortable and basically everything you’d want your frills to be but also the studs makes them so ever stylish!






Jacket – Primark
Leggings – Bik Bok
Shoes – H&M
Scarf – Mango
Bag Accessory – Stradivarius
Silver Bracelet – New Look

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