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Ahh I can’t believe London Fashion Week is almost here, it feels like the February shows just finished. This season I will have as hectic schedule as I did last season, if not more!

Today I’ve spend my whole day planning my London Fashion Week, tones of shows and events to cover! But oh gosh, I can’t complain! I’m just as excited and happy to attend the upcoming shows just like last season! ย Sadly, this time Alma, was not able to join me for the shows as she’s currently in New York, leaving me behind! But do not worry as I always need someone to come with me to those things, do you remember when I said I need an assistant? (Kidding) Well, my good friend and menswear blogger will come and assist me during the shows, taking my style photos and help me not go totally mental during the upcoming week.

Yeasterday, Josh and I went to pick up some last minute LFW essentials. Aka. I was in need of a red lipstick haha. Red lips are a must this season! We’ve visited Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge, as my bag from Cloudberry Bags is called Knightsbridge I felt very appropriate there, haha. And not only I’ve found the perfect lip color but ย also, me and Josh ended up walking half of the Central London! Walking is by far my favorite type of transport, I wish I was kidding on that but am not. TFL at times annoys the hell out of me! However, by walking such a far distance we got a chance to kind of explore London more, as despise living here for 8 years I still don’t know the city perfectly. And as both being fashion bloggers we were looking for a perfect location to shoot both of our outfits. I can’t even tell you how much I like team work, well only if the members of the team are easy to work with of course. I love how bloggers work together not fighting and backstabbing each other (which you lot’s in a industry). I feel like fashion bloggers, or bloggers in general the most caring and supportive people in each others field! Love it!

My outfit for the day was meant to be something very casual but still with hint of elegance And as LFW is approaching very fast, I have decided to give my poor feet a little rest from heels and wear my new Addidas. To be completely honest, I would have never thought or even dreamed that I’d be the type of person to wear Addidas shoes. Ever! Even before I’ve started wearing heels, the only spot shoes were Nike’s or Converse (Are they a sport shoe? There are different opinions in this matter) wearing Addidas shoes would never crossed my mind than BAM here were are few years later! Ha, Don’t you just love how style and fashion changes as we change. Now I quite like wearing sport wear outside of sports, but always mixing up stylish bag or a cuff with it! This Sofia Dourvari silver cuff gives such a perfect essence of glamour mixed with sport aesthetics.








Jacket – H&M
Boyfriend Jeans – Bershka
Shoes – Adidas
Silver Cuff – Sofia Dourvariย 

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