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Please, while you browse through these pictures don’t pay too much attention on my facial expressions. Just my luck on the second day of London Fashion Week the cold I’ve tried to fight so much, got me for good. Let’s just say it killed all the joy of the shows during the second day. Ok, I over exhausted. Not all the joy, but it defiantly didn’t make me as ecstatic as I would be on the first day. Hence the outfit. Believe it or not but what you see here is just a glamours version of my “stay at home” outfit.

For the second day of LFW my aim was to show off the upcoming trends bit more, but also be comfortable and classy. As the second day wasn’t as busy as the first one, I only had couple of shows at Fashion Scout, and had a time to stop by Sommerset House to see all the fashionable people in one place. I love how during LFW the whole city is turning into one big fashion capital, celebrating the best of British fashion and upcoming talent. In British fashion my favorite thing is differently the diversity and not being afraid to try new things, if you ever been to Sommerset House during the LFW period, you will discover the most creative outfits. I love how fashion in Britain is contently breaking the rules within fashion. And that’s how this look was created. I know many people will tell you, not to do this, or do that. And the amount I’ve heard (or said, stupid me) that clashing should not happen, that is wrong. No it’s not! Actually, this season clashing is so on trend. Mixing, patterns, textures, colors and embellishments all together forming an artist mess! 

I have always been against clashing, mostly because it’s so easy to mess it up, and part of me was afraid to look like a clown. But that’s the thing that makes fashion so exciting! Having to see our fashion mishaps and glories each season is what developed fashion and makes it move forward. For the second day of LFW I have decided to take a risk and go with my gut on this outfit. I didn’t really care if street style photographers would take a photo of me or not (they still did) I’ve just wanted to show off this outfit. But not only the styling was important to me. Hair and make up are a huge part of fashion too. And once again, instead of doing something simple (which in case of this outfit something like that should have happened) I’ve curled my hair, and put my red lipstick on! The last bit made the whole outfit whole! As my Cloudberry Bag was in red and textured, the lips gave a perfect match to it! 

When using a red lipstick one of the most important things is to moisturize your lips. When the lips are cracked the lipstick, especially red or purple will look terrible and it will feel odd on your lips. Before I’ve applied the red lipstick I have used my Jeunvie lip balm in Coca Blanc, it helped me to hydrate my lips and moisturize them. It also helped to keep red lipstick in place, a smudged lipstick is never a good look! Well, unless you’re walking for Vivienne Westwood, if not avoid the smudged lips at any cost! But this amazing lip product not only helped my lips to hydrate for a busy day of shows through out the whole fashion week, I kept it in my purse the whole time, it also helped my skin and hair! I love how this skincare brand is multipurpose. Whenever I curl my hair, I always get 2 or 3 slip ends, to get rid off them I don’t  unnecessary cut them off. What’s  much easier and better is to apply the Jeunvie lip balm on them and keep it on the slip ends of your hair for few minutes then remove the unnecessary bits of the lip balm using a dry towel. The after effect is amazing!

Please, pardon me if for next couple of weeks I’m going to be skipping from looks, of LFW, different shows and other articles. With less then 24 hours in a day it’s hard to cover everything specially with the amount of my other commitments, and let’s not forget many other events are to come this and next month! It’s hard doing everything at one and stay sane, but I’m trying.















Jacket & Pants – Primark
Top – New Look
Necklace – Profilos
Choker – Pull & Bear
Bracelet – Hermes
Earrings – Dior
Lip Stick – MAC in retro matte ruby woo


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