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“Fashion Police?! We have a problem! Looks like one of the fashion citizens went to the wrong fashion week!” Shh… Don’t worry I wasn’t silent because of the fashion jail time. Not that I feel like I need one as I personally felt very comfortable (minus the stilettos) wearing this outfit. Hmm..Where do start? I know I’ve said this before I literally can’t believe that I got the see the fashion shows at Fashion Scout for the second time!!! Fashion Week is something all of us fashion lovers think about, dream about and let’s admit it want to be part of it. And the fact that I got to experience this event first hand for the SECOND TIME since starting blogging in 2012 is unbelievable! In a good way of course.

I know I shouldn’t say it but I kind of don’t understand why I get to go to these shows. Haha, I’m not sure if I wanna find out. All it matter is that I went, and now you know what? The real work begins. Because as much as blogging, going to parties and seeing the catwalk shows of London Fashion Week seems like the best time, and believe me it is, at the end of the day I still need to write the reviews, edit the pictures and pick which designer goes where. But oh, gosh do I love it! I feel like I’m a fashion editor of some sort, hehe. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, so far I want to be a fashion journalist and fashion stylist and I feel like being a blogger is a cross between those two career paths. I guess you’ve got the answer why I spend as much time blogging as I do. So, let’s start reporting from London Fashion Week.

For the first day of LFW I’ve noticed I have formed a some kind of a pattern with my fashion choices. Last season I’ve worn the cocktail dress by Carlotta Actis Barone, which was just too chic to even describe! Not only it made me look elegant for my first season of fashion week but also it had that edge  to it. That’s why this season for the first day of London Fashion Week I went for a similar look. All thou last season I’ve wanted to show off my girly side this season for me was all about trends, mixing new things and having fun with fashion! I can tell you now I haven’t worn a single dress or skirt this season to see the shows (well maybe once). Since last season my style has changed drastically! All thou I’ve still kept my “rock n roll chic” look, I’ve noticed that my fashion choices became much more elegant and for lack of a better word french. I know what you’re thinking. “What do you mean french?” Well, whenever I’m going to mention something french in this blog, that will probably mean french fashion. Despite the fact that I like in London the home of punk fashion and all time quickness I do love a bit of elegance and chicness from time to time. That’s how I came out with this outfit. The flares at this moment I my all time favorite trousers style. I think I have 4 pairs in my wardrobe and still want more, hehe. Not only they are extremely comfortable but also very elegant but with the right accessories they can become more edgy. But for the first day elegance was my goal. And want can be more elegant than pearls or a hat! I’ve finally found a wool hat that fitted my tiny head and  can you believe I’ve lost the hat just after this outfit was shot?!

Jacket – Vintage
Shirt & Bag accessory – Stradivarius
Pants – Marlene Birger
Shoes- H&M
Crystal Bracelet – Swarovski
Cuff – Vintage
Shoes – H&M
Necklace – Unbranded (Got it in Spain at a small market)
Earrings – Dior
Hat- Primark

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