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First of all, I’ve wanted to apologize for the silent treatment about London Fashion Week, it’s been two weeks and I am writing my first blog post about the shows! Bad Kinga! I’m sorry, but I had lot’s of going on with uni and other stuff, also I had to edit all the pictures I took from the shows myself, which trust me it can be such a long process and in a way bit annoying. Now I understand Alma, and other photographers I’ve worked with and I can tell one thing. Respect! Because editing sucks. Why can’t we all take just one good pictures and not worry about the editing? I shouldn’t complain too much as last season my pictures (the one I took with my old camera, Alma’s photos were flawless)  turned out so bad I couldn’t use them. Anyway, photography drama aside.

For the second time, I got the most amazing opportunity to attend London Fashion Week! I know I may say this before but I still can’t believe I got to see the most amazing and creative fashion new talent. As much as I love the ‘old’ generation of designers, the ‘new’ ones are the future. They are the ones who push boundaries, play around. Mixing classics with something completely new. I present to you ‘Ones to Watch’. The first designer I’ve wanted to write about is…

We all know how much I love extravagance and unique fashion. However for sometime now I really started to fall in love with the similarity and elegance of a good tailored outfit. The first designer to showcase during Fashion Scout “Ones to Watch” was Youjia Jin. She bought back the classic tailoring back on the catwalk, but with a twist. I love how she made pure tailoring so eye catching. That’s the collection for people who like to stand out of the crowd yet likes the pure simplicity as well. Just like on the color pallet of grey’s and blacks, the first design (above) came in crisp white. Slowly getting darker, the collection started to show of the textures and forms of different tailoring techniques. I personally love how the collection was focused on the ‘no colors’  it makes wearing them so much easier.
Not only the collection had a great range of one piece designs but also there were some really breathtaking blazer designs (you all know how much I like a good blazer, hehe) If I weren’t taking the photos I would probably just stand there with my mouth open because  I could have never thought how easy a simple black blazer can be recreated! There were few different designs within the collection, from grey to dramatic black, the simplicity of the silhouette worked so well with the basic colors and shapes. My personal favorite was the last blazer, with chiffon back swamping the floors. It gave away such dramatic effect yet super sophisticated. Perfect peace for anyone and any occasion I personally see myself wearing it 😉



















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