You would have think that before fashion week, designers, stylists, bloggers and overall fashion sweethearts would take sometime off and rest before the real work, begins. Nothing more misleading! We don’t, do lazy! Fashion doesn’t sleep, you got to live it and love it! With London Fashion Week already being on it’s third day I can’t even tell you how fortunate I feel writing this article, knowing that so many of you will see it and hopefully read it too, and in a way become a part of my fashion adventure. After all I try to share as much as I can, not only as a blogger but also as a reader. There are so many other wonderful bloggers and writers out there that I’ve been following for ages. Doing exactly what I’m doing here, sharing their passion for lifestyle, beauty and fashion! Reading those articles, seeing the designer work and experience makes it all even more special and exciting. I feel like living the experience with them, while reading their articles and seeing their photos. And that’s what I would like to do as well! But before we start about Fashion Week madness, and believe me we have lot’s to cover, let’s go back in time just a little bit.

Earlier this week I was invited to experience the launch of Sade English, collection in the most perfect, little shop located on Kings Road. The home for luxury and creative fashion has opened their space for another fantastic designer brand. The Leggera Nell’Aria holds such an impressive range of brands and designers, from very slick and chic to the over creative ones! Sade English design work not only is a true piece of art but also the collection makes such a strong statement, these are not the clothes you’d wear to see your boyfriends parents but these are defiantly the clothes you could wear to LFW! I personally recommend February shows are the September ones are usually way too hot! Trust me, I out of all people am gutted the most! But, hey there’s always another time right?

The launch was filled with fashion sweethearts, I know I say this a lot (probably more then I should have) but if 2 years would have told me that I would get to meet and speak to all those incredibly inspiring and influential people within the fashion industry I would have laugh in their face and said: “No, way!” But here were are, not even 2 years of having this blog and I need to get ready for another bunch of shows for today! See you soon and Happy Fashion Week! X

Leggera Nell’ Aria is situated at 328 King’s Road, London (Closest station, Sloane Square)
Josh Milton: @applejosh23
Sade English:@SadeEnglish
Leggera Nell ‘ Aria:@LeggeraNellAria
Lewis- Duncan Weedon:@ldweedon
Su – Elise Nash: @Su_Elise
Meade Magazine: @Meade_Magazine
Sade English designs on the display of Leggera Nell’Aria


Other then incredible avant garde designs, Sade English also designs handbags. Here’s the close up of the first design. What can I say, except of “I need this in my life!” 


Celebirty stylist, Lewis – Duncan Weedon at the launch of Sade English in Leggera Nell’ Aria 


Looking at the range of different fashion in Leggera Nell’ Aria. Defiantly worth checking it out. Such a wide range of designs! 


Celebrity stylist and an fashion icon, Lewis – Duncan Weedon wearing one of the jackets from Leggera Nell’ Aria. Love the cut of it! 


Australian singer, Su – Elise Nash with celebrity stylist, Lewis- Duncan Weedon choosing outfits for LFW. 


Celebrity stylist, Lewis – Duncan Weedon with Celebrity Fashion Blogger, Prince Cassius outside of Leggera Nell ‘ Aria at the event. 


Me and my fashion icon, Lewis- Duncan Weedon at the launch of Sade English. 


Me and Josh Milton, fashion blogger and my fashion bestie. 


Having lot’s of fun in Sade English event held in Leggera Nell ‘ Aria 


Beautiful range of different designs in the Leggera Nell ‘ Aria. 


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