Posted on September 6, 2014 by Kinga Kurek

When it comes to fashion one of the most exciting things for me is discovering new designers and talent. It all makes fashion so much more interesting. And with fashion month officially here I am on my toes! Literally stuck to my laptop day and night trying to keep up with the newest trends of New York Fashion Week. And with London Fashion Week around the corner I couldn’t be more excited to see the newest brands weeks earlier. I like to plan ahead and have as many options as I can! And fashion being so broad and limitless, I feel like kid in a candy store! A.k.a I’m overjoyed!

As it’s September, which basically means it’s not only change our summer wardrobe but also play around with our styles a little bit. Being a monochrome lover all year round you see me in all sorts of blacks and whites. But it’s hard spotting me in something more colorful and printed. And there’s a good reason for it! I am extremely picky, you don’t even realize. It’s ridiculous! The truth is, in fashion it’s harder to style super colorful and printed outfits without looking like a clown. It’s a talent! I personally think it’s a talent that I don’t necessarily have, but may work on it. And I hope I can pull it off as there are designers out there that must be worn! Few weeks ago I got a chance to attend LadyCPR Press Event and find out about the brands they represent.

Izelia is a very colorful, fun and quirky brand, with a major range of African prints designer, Isatu Harrison brings colors back on the fashion market! The new label of high end fashion has beautiful range of designs for both formal and informal occasions. All the designs are incredibly tailored with the finest detail of the cut and shape. When using colors and prints it’s very easy to over do it, but I think you’ll agree with me that Izelia pulled off a stunning debut collection! I’m so excited to see her new designs on the catwalk during London Fashion Week at Fashions Finest!



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