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When it comes to make up, my eye makeup especially I am very old school. Once I have my “signature” look and the one I like the most but also suits my eyes and face shape ideally I stick to it. But from time to it is good to try new things. As seen on the picture below you can easily tell each colours from my eye shadow pallet are used the most. What can I say the brown and black eye shadows have been my favorite colours since always! But as it’s still summer or the end of it, let’s try something more light and not as heavy. I have looked at the makeup trends from various designers and once again for S/S pastel rules! I must admit, it does look cool. But not only on fashion but beauty also! Therefore I present you my interpretation of pastel Smokey, cat eye!


To save time I have already prepared my skin beforehand. Before I applied BB cream, I have moisturised my face with Jeunive Organic SkinCare Aloe Vera Moisturiser with papaya extract, this brand is the reason behind why I’ve fallen in love with organic skin care. It moisturisers skin perfectly for long term and it smells so good!  I use this product religiously.  As it’s really hot in here instead of using foundation I have decided to use BB Cream, I’d would love to just use powder but sadly the shock of the weather change and stress made my skin break out quite badly (thank God for Photoshop right?!) I didn’t want to do more damage to it by applying tones of foundation. BB Cream is a fantastic foundation alternative and it’s perfect for hot weather as it’s not as heavy. To hide my skin imperfections I have used a concealer in 1 shade lighter than the BB Cream, applying it under my eyes, eyelid, and spots to get rid of the redness. Then I have applied one layer of powder to stop the skin from shining. To add finishing touches to my skin I have touched up my cheeks with baked blush, the mixture of baby pink, rose pink and brown blush. It contours and add colour to cheeks.

Before I did any kind of brushing or filling of  my brows I have plugged them at first. I’ve been told couple of times that I have the Cara Delevigne brows… That’s a compliment I like hehe. Some people do their brows after their eye makeup but I personally like to do them first, if the brows are done nicely your whole eye makeup will look differently! What at first to create my perfect brows I have used my Hi Brow eyebrows by design which I got gifted from one of the Bloggers Love event’s few months ago. This eyebrow serum that can also be worn on eyelashes is truly amazing. It keep the brows together and in shape. I have also noticed it makes the lashes longer and thicker! I applied a single coat on each brow at the same time brushing them, and putting them into shape I’ve wanted. To make my eyebrows thicker, I applied a one coat of dark brown eye shadow. I know what you’re thinking. Since my natural hair colour is black why don’t I use black eye shadow? Well, I have found out that if I use black eye shadow on my brows they look do dark and all the attention goes to them. And that’s not what we want.
Now that’s where the fun begins! I have always liked experimenting with my eye makeup, and as much as I love my usual eye cat, brown Smokey eye one I feel it’s important to change up little bit from time to time. Summer is still here after all and wherever I look somewhere all I see is green. If like me you have green eyes this make up is perfect for you! I think make up should make out eyes stand out and shine, and make them absolutely unforgettable! My usual brown Smokey eye, mixed with copper and gold, defiantly makes my green – brown eyes stand out as those colours work perfectly together , even thou they’re aren’t in the same colour pallet these are still the colours of earth, and nature. But there’s something about pastel green, it’s so fresh, light and works incredibly with blacks and browns, and have you seen how amazing it looks with the forest green eye pencil?! Colours can truly look magical together. I know how we all like to stick with our makeup routines and keep it safe but try something new and the results of it might really make a very pleasant surprise! I first of all applied mixture of copper and dark brown on the corner of my eye, then I have putted pastel green all over my eyelid. To highlight the greenness I have used forest green eyeliner underneath my eye. As the Smokey effect was done, I have putted my usual felt eyeliner on my eyelid and putted few coats of mascara. The combination of eye shadow pencil in vintage blush and pastel green, copper brown, forest green and black eye liner shows of my green eyes and makes them shine!

Before I applying any colour on them I’ve firstly applied Lip butter with roseoil natural organic by Jeunive Skin Care to hydrate and moisturize my lips. This product keeps the lips from drying, it’s important to have your lips hydrated before applying any other product. Then I have used Avon in proper pink , I know the colour you see in the picture is called “beyond pink” and that’s the colour I’ve originally wanted to use, however on the last minute I’ve changed my mind as I’ve felt “proper pink” would be much more suitable. Then I have applied one coat of Ecos lip balm in sweet mint (You know where I got the title from now 😉 ) I love this lip balm too much not to include it in this beauty article! It adds such moisture and freshness to lips.  The final touch was lip gloss by bareminerals marvellous Moxie “rebel”. I don’t know how exactly it does it but somehow it feels like it adds volume to the lips and the colour of it is just divine!

Brands used:
MIRROR – Chanel
BB CREAM – L’Oreal Paris Medium Skin Tone
CONCEALER – Cover & Conceal MUA
POWDER – Beauty Uk face powder compact no. 3
BLUSHER – Beauty Uk baked blush no. 3 halo
EYEBROW PENCIL – NYC khol brow/eyeliner pencil 921 jet black
EYESHADOW PALLET– Unbranded colors used :
EYESHADOW PENCIL – Collection vintage blush no. 3
EYELINER – MUA forest green & MUA felt eyeliner
EYEBROW AND EYELASH SERIUM – Hi Brow eyebrows by design
EYELINER – Rimmel London Extra Super Lash
LIPBALMS – Lip butter with rose oil natural organicby Jeunive Skin Care & Eos organic lip balm in sweet mint
LIPSTICK – Avon proper pink
PERFUME – J’Adore Dior by Christian Dior
NECKLACE – Vintage


So voila! Here it is my summery make up, and I’m sure you will get away with wearing it during the fall season. Let’s keep little bit of the summer with us shall we?

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    Time saving make up options are definitely important. the skincare laboratories are now coming up with the smartest solutions for the same.


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