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If you’ve seen last nights post, I’m sure you recognize those pants. Becouse yes these are the same pants I’m wearing in previous post just in black. And as much as I’d like to keep things interesting I admit I’m obsessed. When it comes to pants I have a very strange relationship with them. From always wearing them to detaching them in the back of my wardrobe and fall in love with them all over again. its a love hate realtionship. Growing up pants was a must have for me, but the much younger version of me preferred jeans or something i wont actully wear it in public, not even running vircorse trousers. Yes you’ve heard me right, now fashion blogger but earlier fashion disaster, not that each of my outfit has always been a hit. But I’m still learning and despite the fact I’ve been working in fashion for 3 years, I’m still new to it and have lot’s to do. But you all get to see the progress here, quite entertaining don’t you think? 

Please don’t pay too much attention to my writing as this post in bit rushed. I will fly off to Spain for 3 weeks in couple of hours, but don’t worry I will keep you entertained while there. But let’s get back to those fabulous pants! So some of you might wonder…

Why Flares?
I mean what’s so exciting about a pair of pants? Flares specially? Well, not only these are the most comfortable pair of pants I own but also on the most stylish ones that go with anything and work for both seasons! However the truth is I would have never, ever consider wearing them or even giving them a glance while shopping if it weren’t for Lewis- Duncan Weedon. The truth is you can buy any piece of clothing for any price and from any brand whenever it’s designer or high street but if you cannot style it, no one will care. Before I got the chance to know Lewis- Duncan’s style, flares were something I would think only people working in the office would wear, you wouldn’t caught me dead in those outside of school, or home! But when I have seen know effortless and stylish Lewis- Duncan Weedon was wearing them, I have gave flares a second chance and jackpot! 
These pant’s stole my heart, and money! And that’s the power of styling, kids.

This look is super casual, yet chic! I went for something really Chanel monochrome but tailored and slightly punkish. I love mixing up styles and timeless black and white tailored look with studded flats and leather cuff is just everything to me at the moment! Ok, as much as I’d like to write for the whole day I gotta go catch my flight.


Jacket & Necklace & Belt – H&M
Top – New Look
Pants – Mango
Shoes –
Bag – Zara 
Bracelet – Hermes


  • Josh August 13, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    Awh you look so good in flares Kinga, it really flatters your figure! :* x

  • Kinga Kurek August 16, 2014 at 4:05 pm

    Aww thank you so much!! You're the sweetest :* xx


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