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Does anyone of you, despite the fact it’s middle of summer holidays get so busy you don’t have time for anything. Seeing friends, going out or the biggest one of all. You don’t even have time for your passion! I’ve been delaying this outfit post for so long but finally I’ve got the chance to share it with you, all! There’s another reason why this post was delayed for almost two weeks! I hope in a mean time most of you got the chance to read my first ever lifestyle article (!) if not click away and have a read about the amazing Taste of Texas. I’ll wait… 

Ok, done? So, as you may already know this year I got so many fantastic opportunities and different experiences this year, and share them with you right here on the world wide web! The more I write this blog (and read others of course) the more I feel like sharing more lifestyle experiences. Mostly because I enjoy living them and reporting everything back to you, guys! It’s all about sharing! And sharing is caring! Damn, I don’t even feel the rime. Any how, to the outfit! As it’s titled “style” not “lifestyle”.

 If seasons would have colors, white would defiantly belong to summer! Not only because it’s one of the main “colors” (I’m putting colors in brackets are technically white is not a color) that keep the sun away but also because of it’s fresh and pure look. And just as black, white being a neutral color it looks great in any texture, pattern and form! However it has the opposite effect to black, as black is slimming us down visually, white makes us look bit larger than we actually are. This is one of the reasons why I don’t think I’ll ever wear white skinny jeans, no matter how much I’d like to! But if you are like me, there’s always another alternative of wearing white pants other than jeans and that’s bootcut ladies (and gentleman). I’ve bought these pants especially for LCM show as I’ve wanted something elegant, tomboy but still feminine. And this is similar look that I’ve wanted to achieve for Taste of Texas launch! I’ve wanted something comftible yet elegant. And this look does it, give me an Hermes Kelly bag and I could pass for looking like an updated version on her, only in style thou. 

Another thing that I absolutely adore in this look is not only the pants or the jacket (I got it from Primark, well ebay as Primark was out of my sizes haha) but the bag! And when I say the bag I mean THE bag. The bag that makes a statement. The bag that is elegant. The bag that is timeless! And looks like Hermes Birkin! But no I did not won a lottery, this bag is from Cloudberry Bags, the brand you can read all about here. And this is another reason why this post was delayed. While in Taste of Texas event, you all know I was around my favorite people. And when I’ve seen my fashion icon Lewis- Duncan Weedon with Hermes Birkin with a scarf tight on the handle of the bag I’ve thought “I need this bag for this outfit!” And you all know that once I say something it is going to happen! And I couldn’t be happier because ever since I got my Cloudberry Bag I wear it all the time and an just as proud of it as it would be Hermes. 

It’s all about style not brand. 

Jacket & Shoes- Primark
Top – New Look
Pants & Scarf – Mango
Bag- Cloudberry Bags
Necklace – Alice Wonders
Bracelet – Vintage 

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