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Believe it or not but besides doing make up for upcoming beauty posts I’ve hardly worn it. When it’s so hot, and every few hours you’re going to swimming pool there’s no point of spending time caking up your face with all of these beauty products. Especially since there’s barely anyone here to look at you. I mean it! Comparing to London, Vera feels like a little village but I don’t mind, it’s good clam down a bit, take time off from seeing lots of people and think for a second. After over a week of being here I feel like I kind of want the quietness to stop. My battery’s have recharged and I am ready to work, have fun and work even harder! No wonder when yesterday when I was asked if I’d like to come to slightly bigger city, I’ve literally jumped up almost screaming “Yes”! I think I may even do a goodies posts from the stuff I’ve bought considering I have tone of free time on my hands.
Anytime is good to dress up, I even tend to do it when being completely alone, well that’s when I have most time on my hands. And having no internet connection here, besides the local café (bless them!) I have tone of time for myself and thinking of different posts and articles for you! Whenever I go out, shopping I always try to look presentable. If I would be in London, I’d wear heels, jacket and basically not be 100% comfortable, not that I mind. But there’s a huge luxury in fashion that can stand out but also have comfort in the clothes. And talk about one piece clothing! I think last year I got the jumpsuit fever, looking at multiple stores, designers and of course online shopping I could not find anything at all! And you know what? Next time you can’t find something just go to the kid’s store! As that’s where I’ve found this tres cute jumpsuit! God, I’m so glad despise being 19 I still fit into kids sizes! It saves time, money and fabric! I can be fashionable and economic! As this upcoming season is all about clashing, colors, patterns and embodiment’s I have wanted this outfit to show upcoming trends but still fit into hot Spanish weather.  And you know how much I love metallic details!
















Jumpsuit – H&M Kids
Shoes –
Bracelet – Hermes
Earrings – Unbranded
Bag – Primark


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