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Summer came in full speed. The days are hotter and longer. When everyone is on summer holiday, including moi. The sun is shining during the day and the warmth of the sand and sea on the beach keeps you awake during the night who would have known of such a thing as sleep?  The summer days are meant for adventures, parties and spending time with your loved ones and friends. Especially during those days sleep is not something I’m really in common with. Not that sleep and I are close any other day.  But I guess that leaves more time to work on more lot’s of blog posts and articles. I’m not going to lie it’s going to be interesting coming out with all those different style posts with the little amount of clothes I’ve bought with me. But hey, that gives lots of opportunities to be creative. And it’s not like fashion stores don’t exist in Spain.
At some point of our lives we all want something we can’t have. Or cannot find. I don’t know why but for some odd reason that’s the case for me. I tend to get attached to fashion that isn’t that simple to find, or is expensive or I can’t find the right fit (Do you remember the story of boyfriend  jeans, again?)  I think at this point you have seen me in every possible fashion must have and basic. Jeans, jackets, flares, tops and dresses. But looking back we may have missed one major accessory.  And that’s a hat!
Most of all the biggest basic for me is color black. It’s such a universal color that works for any weather, fabric and fashion. This outfit I’ve worn for a family dinner and if I’d have any black stilettos with me trust me those would be on my feet within seconds but as it’s holiday I have decided to also give my feet rest. How kind of me! When it comes to fashion it’s important not to try hard with it, always keep your style natural and make fashion work for you. For this simple, black outfit I’ve wanted to concentrate on jewellery and accessories more. They can bring so much to an outfit! As you can see.











Top – New Look
Skirt & Shoes – H&M
Bag & Hat & Sunnies – Primark
Bracelet – Hermes
Necklace – Vintage
Scarf – Mango

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