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…Jeans! Haha, but for real. It should not be allowed to be as obsessed about a pair of pants as much as I did! Which is funny considering the fact that for almost 2 years I have hardly worn denim. But if I do, my mind goes into a maniac obsession over it and you won’t believe how long it took me to find my perfect boyfriend jeans! Which in fact I’m not 100% satisfied with and I’m sure in few weeks I’m going to look for a second pair. Even better one.  Which shouldn’t be hard considering the fact they everywhere! But I’m sure you may have already notice I am quite picky when it comes to fashion. 

It was hard for me to find them as I have wanted the jeans to be in the light blue and be the right size but I was also very picky about the price. After clearing out my closet few weeks ego I have noticed the amount of different pairs of jeans I had and worn them maybe once or twice! Not only it’s a waste of fashion but also waste of money! That’s why I didn’t want to overspend on them but still have them in the good quality. Which is a very tricky thing to find, even my best friend was no use on this matter! Well, here’s the full story. Go grab yourself a cookie or coffee this post could last a while!

When it comes to buying on Ebay, over the past year I became an expert! Trust me I can spent hours searching in website even for simple sake of it! You can buy there anything and when I say anything I mean ANYTHING! So, you would’ve thought, that finding a pair of boyfriend jeans, in light blue and size 8 wouldn’t be a problem, right? Wrong! So, wrong! It took me weeks to find the perfect pair. The problem was, it seemed perfect online! When I’ve finally got the package it turned out, they weren’t as lose as I’ve wanted them to be. And long! Really, if anyone will tell you it’s easy to find clothes for size 6/8 in height of 5’9″ (175cm) they are lying to you! If they’re not, please send them my way, I need to go shopping with them!! So, the perfect pair of jeans weren’t as perfect as it seemed. Careful when you buy online! The thing with Ebay you can always return your purchase and claim your money back! The same day they I’ve returned them ,my search began once again! And finally I’ve found them!!!  On sale! In H&M! You can only imagine my joy (Yes, it is possible to get excited about pair of pants!) The moment I got them, the same day I went to shoot them for you, guys! Enjoy this outfit!

… But as always let me take you through it! 🙂 Haha, I’m sure some of you are beginning to understand that I’m a talker! and what kind of talker would I be if I didn’t share my thoughts on today outfit?! I find contrasting so important in fashion! Specially if you wear lots of black and white, but surprise surprise! These jeans were in an actual color! I’m starting to become warmer to the idea of blue (as in color! Blue mood is never good 😉 ) And as black and white being a neutral colors they went perfectly with the light blue jeans, and this simple clutch in lovely bloody red, the texture of it really reminds me of Alexander Wang work and New York minimalistic fashion. It’s sporty yet feminine ecstatic seemed perfect for the crisp white jacket, and boyfriend jeans. But living in England, the home of punk, tends to affect your fashion choices and as much as these boyfriend jeans are in trend let’s not forget to add a little bit of personality to them! I adore, studs, embellishments and anything that adds 3D effect to fashion and shines. These flats from stole my heart and I wear them all the time! Just like this silver Hermes cuff! Really, have you seen the more perfect accessory? Timeless, elegant and makes a statement!  













Jacket & Jeans – H&M
Top – Primark
Loafers –
Bracelet – Hermes
Clutch – Maje 


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