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And where exactly are we going? Shopping!!! Ah I know, just about when I’ve published the goodies posts from my latest shopping spree I come here to tell you all that I did it again. I couldn’t resist but to go find some cute Spanish shops and shopping centers (these on the other hand are just adorable!) and get some new stuff! Well it’s almost end of the summer season after all which means, changing your wardrobes from Spring/ Summer to Autumn/ Winter! How exciting! No, I mean it, just imagine this means shopping and finding some amazing brands and designers out there! I can’t even tell you how this makes me happy, the moment you buy something that makes you whole inside, totally foiled like nothing else matters in the world! I know I’m talking like a complete shopaholic but it’s true, well at least for us fashion lovers! I think changing the wardrobe is the only reason why the coldness of fall winter season is bearable.
However for little over than a week I’ll still be here in hot sunny Spain, and the thought of not being able to wear some of items is unbearable! But there was something I was able to wear. Do you recognize the necklace? Yep, this pearl choker was bought here in Spain and shot here in Spain for this post! When it comes to outfits I chose for my shopping trips I always tend to wear something lose and comfortable. But by accessioning jewellery and shoes I try to look elegant. And what’s more elegant than pearls?! If you are a fashion maniac like me, and watch current trends but also past trends you might see the slight resemblance of this outfit from previous Chanel shows, there were of course pearls, whites, denim few seasons ago and the newest trend brought to us by the Chanel house trainers! Argh I wish I could own the pair of the tweeded ones! At first, trust me I did not like it at all! In fact I kind of hated it, but after a while I’ve really liked it, fashion should be as open for new ideas and the fact that a fashion house as big as Chanel is mixing street style with haute couture is amazing! Thanks to them I have really liked the trainers trend, and these shoes are truly meant for walking!
Jeans – Gap
Shoes – Nike
Pearl Choker – Pull & Bear
Cuff – Hermes
Lips – Avon “Naturally Nude”














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