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I really think technology doesn’t like me. I had this post ready and about to publish it and then BAM my laptop decided to restart it self! You guys don’t realize how much I need to rant about it. Don’t worry we’ll get to that later. While preparing this post I have released how fast time flies! It feels like May was few days ago and now we have August also end of summer! But one thing is true, the more busy you are the more time goes. You know I’m a busy bee, each week there is something happening. And I love it! From fashion, beauty and finally lifestyle! Which is huge part of life, it’s called lifestyle after all. It gives so much into the fashion and those two blend so well together. Can you imagine a fashion party without those cute canapes or Champagne? Me neither! Last week I was invited to my first proper lifestyle event! Held in a lovely restaurant, The Phene in a middle of Chelsea. It had such a cozy and lovely atmosphere specially in the backyard where the event was happening. I was greeted by Paul New the founder of Beef Jerky. I got to find out more about the concept of this fantastic snack straight from the source “We have been both working very hard to make sure that our beef jerky product is a cut above the rest and perfect. With our set of skills eye for detail, we have not left the kitchen until we’ve made the product that made us proud. We are both very excited to launch it, and share it with people around London food markets” Paul New, Managing Director said about his final product. I need to say the beef jerky is a perfect snack for such a party as it hold it’s taste for long time, even if you have few glasses of wine with it. The texture and taste is slightly spicy but it doesn’t take the beef taste away from it. For those of you who like a snack for your drink this is the one! 
And what kind of lifestyle event would it be without it’s guests. The Phene had a special place in their back garden as well as room for Taste of Texas guests. From food lovers, writers and of course our favorite fashionistas and celebrities, Lewis- Duncan Weedon, Fossy Meade, Lady Nadia Essex, Steven Smith and more, the evening was a cocktail of laughter, fun and delicious food and drinks. 
Did I mention drinks? I have learned one thing while working in fashion. Don’t mess with fashionistas and their Champagne! We sure do like a good glass or two of Champagne. So no surprise once Taste of Texas event has came to it’s end, we had another amazing event to attend to. In the heart of Camden Town (one of my favorite places in London) in a luxurious restaurant,  The Gilgamesh London. On the last floor there was launch of Privé Bleu Champagne, a french champagne brand brought to London. We were greeted with a glass of white Champagne, the texture of bobbles and dry taste of it made me realize that I haven’t drunken real Champagne that many times. 
Huge thank you to Hayley Smith, Boxed Out PR, Paul D.New and The Phene for inviting me and having me at this fantastic event!























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