If you follow me on instagram, you may already know that all of my newest and most exciting fashion (and not only) purchases are shared there before they end up on the blog. So in some ways it may look like I’m publishing the same thing twice, just on two different platforms. Or three lets not forget twitter! Don’t blame me. Whenever there’s an item of fashion I can’t help myself but share it with you guys! Yesterday, I got a big package delivered to Rock This Runway office, I’m not going to lie, whenever I get postage I get excited like a little kid in a candy store. While unpacking the package it defiantly feels like Christmas. Ahh I got to love online shopping, it’s like present to myself from myself!
And you know what else is amazing about social network platforms? The fact that it’s so easy to communicate with brands or designers, sometimes. I don’t know why but I just love chating to brands over twitter and hearing about their newest projects and ideas, it makes me feel like I’m involved in their creative process which let’s face it, does feel kind of special. The brand has defiantly made me feel very special as a client as when I’ve got the package the bag was wraped in thousand papers, to keep it safe. With the Cloudberry Bags sticker holding two beautifully wraped orange tissue papers together, holding inside this amazing bag. And did I mention it came with a dust bag?! You know it’s a good bag when it comes with a dust bag! And inside there was a personally written tone from the buyer of the brand! When shopping these little details are the most important to me as you can really tell how brand cares for the clients!
The bag that I have bought is called Knightsbridge, made out of faux black leather, it’s all about the classics isn’t it? But when browsing the website I had hard time to actually chose which bag I’ve wanted haha, well I guess Cloudberry Bags got a new client, could you blame me, thou?! I love the fact that this bag isn’t too big nor too small and despite the fact that the bag is leather, it’s still light weight, which I’m quite thankful for considering the fact I tend to carry lot’s of crap in my bag. It comes with 3 pockets inside for smart phones, 4 metal feet and double handles it’s perfect for lunch with friends or just a casual day out.
Cloudberry Bags established in early 2014 shares their philosophy that fashion is much more than just brands you wear. Let’s face it, who can afford 5.000 quid hand bag from Hermes? Not many. But I’m sure just like me you love the design and would love to wear it. Let’s face it at the end of the day it’s all about style.Thanks to Cloudberry Bags, you can totally have it! They bring luxurious bags all over the world with passion and knowledge, with love for fashion and style to focus on the design of their product. With the huge range of beautiful designs that are focused on timeless pieces within fashion yet they still mange to keep their designs fresh and tasteful, ideal for any age group. Even thou their bags might look pricey they so aren’t! I was surprised, about the face you can buy a handbag made out of leather for only 35 pounds!
What do you think of my new handbag? Don’t you just love it?







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