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Whenever I’m in different country I always do a little shopping, it might be done in local stores or big brand names, it’s always nice to have a little gift for yourself, right? Well, if you have seen my previous post you may already know I did little shopping, call me an addict. Me and my family went to a little port town Alicante, I haven’t got the chance to shoot any of it but I’m sure there will be another time in the future as Spain has so many wonderful cities to be visited and written about. Gosh, my travel tag is really growing isn’t it? I think that’s the part of lifestyle I like the most.
While being in Alicante visiting the local shopping centre was a must for me! You know how much I love fashion. Too bad I didn’t have enough time, trust me I could spend whole day there, and get rid of all my money of course. I have visited the local fashion stores, such as Bershka, Mango and Zara which by the way are all Spanish brands! Even thou the sale time is still here I didn’t get as much as I would usually do, well according to my parents I’ve bought too much anyway. Oh well, what’s life without little regret. But I feel like I won’t regret any of those items as I have went for the classic and must have pieces.  From my fashion choices lately I have noticed that my style is becoming more French, then I would ever think. Don’t get me wrong I have always loved the French elegance but where I am sitting now (which is on the couch by the way) I would have never think my style would evolve as much as it did. So here are the items I’ve bought. I hope you like them, I personally can’t wait to style them and wear them! Too bad it’s too hot in here!
P.S. Being a complete shopaholic I’m sure I’ll go shopping again before I’ll return to London so I might do another “Goodies” post. Till then enjoy these! 



Pearl Necklace


I could be wrong but I think this shop is also in Poland, as I recognize it while being there on holiday last year. When I’ve walked in I thought I’ve entered to a vintage heaven. Well this shop doesn’t sell actual vintage fashion but fashion that looks like vintage. I know a certain someone who’d like this store. A long pearl necklace is a must in every women’s wardrobe, and as old fashion as it may seem you can’t argue. It’s a classic. I’ve been looking for a simple, long pearl necklace but could not find anything I liked. And here it was! The one I liked in small shop in Spain! 





Not only I love jackets, but shirts have been growing on me as well, I guess the elegant uniform look is starting to become one of my favourite fashions. You have already seen how much I adore crisp white shirts, but the black ones are quite manifisque as well! This chiffon one reminded me of French elegance but also Japanese anime uniform of the female characters. Talk about culture mixture. 



Tweed Jacket


Tweed jackets have been on my radar for quite some time, but I could never find the right colour, the right fit or the right price, because how many times a year can you wear tweed anyway. The tweed jackets are one of the most classic ones out there, after the tailored one’s of course! Well I know you have already seen another tweed jacket of mine, this one is also from Mango, it’s shorter and it’s bit more fitted then the other tweed jacket pastel one I have. I feel like this one is much better for fall as for its colour, don’t forget navy is THE colour for fall! 


Pull & Bear
Jeans and Pearl Choker


For past few seasons we have seen lot’s of royal blue, on the catwalk, high street in every shape and form. Form jackets, tops, bags, shoes, earrings and trousers. From my previous posts you may know the relationship I have with pants and trousers, let’s just say I either love them or hate them. At this moment I can’t get more of them, well it’s important to look stylish but also be warm and comfortable. The choker might look familiar, right? Well, if you watch fashion shows religiously like I do, no surprise. These pearl chokers were worn by models during Chanel S/S ’14 show, and even thou summer is slowly finishing these pearl chokers can be worn all year round.

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