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You know what I notice more and more each year living in London? That the weather here is absolutely unpredictable! Which is the reason why I’m not posting as many style posts as I’d like to. Which means I have more time to prepare the chosen outfit, location and whole mood of the shoot and post! Keep’s things much more interesting. Right? 

The truth is I’ve had another post waiting for me to be published but in the last minute I’ve changed my mind and deleted it. All the hard work and hours of preparing went for nothing. The post I’ve spent so much time preparing and really putted my heart in were series of “Fashion Shopping” which would be a monthly review of the fashion and beauty items I’ve bought in the current month, as well as talking thought why I’ve bought it, the price and little more about the store,brand or designer. Sounds like a good idea? Would you like me to do such a post? Bring more diversity unto the blog? Than why the hell didn’t I do it? Mostly because I didn’t want to sound like I was barging. Although from what I can tell from outsiders of blogging this is all we fashion bloggers do. Show off. It may seem like it but it couldn’t be more away from the truth. Blogging is a way to show our ideas, inspirations and show a little bit of ourselves without actually talking (or writing…) not to brag about new clothes and how much we’ve spend on it. I think that doing more style posts with my new babies (that’s how I call my new purchases, don’t judge) is going to be much more entertaining for all of us. But let’s get back to business of this post. 

Around 2 weeks ago I had a pleasure to attend LadyC PR Press Day held in Central London, at The Stafford London. But more on that next week as today I have wanted to concentrate on sharing this outfit. As I’ve said before the weather in this city is insane, and by insane I mean totally and completely unpredictable so I’ve wanted to not only be comftible and stylish but also prepared for the whole day of walking around. Even thou we were at press day for 3 hours we’ve spend the rest of the day walking around London, behaving like tourists and looking for a good location to shoot this outfit. And it took us a while to find one as well. The amount of people in Central London in a middle of a week is insane! And I don’t really like having random faces in my style photos so no wonder finding the right location took us at least half of the day. I can get quite picky 😉 

As you may know already I love layering, not only with clothes. But with  jewelry this simple trick can work so well too! It can give both rich and simple effect to the outfit. On the day I have chosen to wear one of my newest jewelry purchases from Bershka. The silver chained necklace you see on the top is currently my favorite one I have, I’ve picked it up from sale (online shopping again, I’ve gotten quite lazy) In my personal opinion a silver chained necklace is something every women should own no matter of the style she has, nothing gives a better statement than a silver chain necklace. And not always it has to be a part of the punk and rock ‘n’ roll culture. With this outfit I have wanted to show you that such necklace can also be warn very suffocated and elegant. To add little bit more glam into it I have also worn my tear drop silver statement necklace which I’ve purchases from Alice Wonders sometime ego, and it’s the type of necklace you don’t need to try hard with. You just wear it and look fabulous 😉 Haha. And last but not least on my jewelry choices of the day are my silver cuffs from Sofia Dourvari which I got kindly sent before Christmas and have been wearing them since. The silver leather is such a aphrodisiac in fabrics I don’t know how or where did the designer got the fabric for those two cuffs! The cut of them is very simple and elegant, they can be worn in so many ways I could make a whole gallery! 

Mixing up different styles and playing with fashion became like a second nature to me. I love it. With fashion the possibilities are endless! I have wanted this outfit to elegant, comftible and chic. The boot cut pants are at the moment my favorite part of my wardrobe. For real! I can’t even express how much I love them (I can as I’m preparing a post concentrated on them alone!) and even thou these are full leg length they were perfect for a hot and sunny day! Those fabulous black pants are made to be worn with heels, they elongate the legs even more and slim your body as well, magic or what?!  And as heels became a sort of religion to me I have decied to wear my nude 10cm heels (I had flats in my bag  I’m not that hardcore) insdred of my black ones as I’ve felt nude gave such a nice tone to the whole outfit. It made it even more visible due to the dicersity of tones and colors. And as we are talking about colors, I’m starting to like them. And this season pastels seems to rule the fashion world. The tweeded jacket from Mango (sales again opps) is currently my fabourite one! I have such a love for jackets! And as you may think a jacket during summer time might not work, tweeded even more. Than you are in for a suprise! As this tweeded pastel jacket works perfectly due to the color of it. If it would be black, well that’s the different story but you can’t ignore the power of color and how it can change the clothing! And last but not least! The bag! Well unforunely not THE bag and by THE bag I mean Chanel 2.55 or at least Chanel Boy, but hey! This leather chined leather bag from Zara looks so simlar to the Chanel Boy! And it’s as heavy (if not heavier) as the orignal. I love how high street stores are making their fashion afordible and still perfectly capture the design of current trend. Unforutnly at this moment I can’t afford the Chanel Boy, but I can aford Zara Boy (see what I did there?) I love this bag to pieces! When I’ve seen it online the thought of buying it has crossed my mind but for some reason I’ve decided not to buy it. However when I was in Central London one day, some weird impulse have dragged me to the Zara store and there it was. The bag, when I’ve gotten my hands on it, I knew it had to be mine! And when I set myself a goal I reach it. 















Photography: Klaudia Wo
Jacket & Trousers-  Mango
Top – New Look
Shoes & Belt – Primark
Bag – Zara
Cuffs – Sofia Dourvari
Top necklace – Bershka
Bottom necklace – Alice Wonders


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