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Hey there! How are you all doing? I hope better then me. Being super excited for my free day for the first time in weeks when I didn’t have anything planned, well my goal was to write the whole day but my headache was like “No!”. The good thing is I haven’t got anything planned for today either so can share this outfit with you now.  I hope that will make Monday a little more bearable than usual. 

I’m not gonna lie I’m bit mad at myself for not posting this yesterday as the outfit I’m about to share is something I’d recommend for lazy a Sunday. Isn’t Sunday the day when you don’t have to try too hard with fashion? When it’s totally normal to be a touch lazy and just pick whatever you feel like? When putting this outfit together I haven’t really thought about if it’s going to work or not. And it’s defiantly not suppose to be the “fashion” outfit or the “stylish” outfit where you will get lot’s for complements from your fashion (or not) friends and strangers. No. This is the comftible outfit. I don’t even wear my beloved heels here!! I know right?! I still can’t get over this fact! 

This season I’m really getting warmer to the idea of flat shoes. From loafers to not heeled boots or trainers this season they are a must in my wardrobe and believe it or not I actually like wearing them! Sometimes it’s totally ok to wear something comfortable for a chance. But it’s important to feel good wearing it otherwise you will feel like wearing a costume and than fashion becomes boring. Whenever I like a trend I try to alter it to my own style. But only when I like it! Good thing is that I’m quite flexible to fashion and am not afraid to try new things. It’s important to try something new from time to time. You never know what you might like or not. 

I would have never thought that pastels might fit my style! Or pearls for that matter! The girl who use to wear all black, heavy boots and leather only now is getting to fact that lighter colors actully exist! And this doesn’t mean that I’ve changed my style or I’ve became one of those mainstream people who praise the newest trends. Defiantly not! I do appreciate new trends and if I feel like I could show them in my way than I will most defiantly will! And that’s what makes fashion fun! At least to me 🙂

And how cute is the top I’m wearing?! The moment I’ve seen it in Bershka I knew it has to be mine! Which means white have dominated colors once again! Oh well there are worse things in the world then that. But the black and bold “I’m not perfect” printed on top of the flower print looks very summer- like and kind of calm. And bold. Haha I guess I could call it the statement top. This time I’ve went for much softer look.  And not too try-hard. And I will like I don’t even need to talk as much about this outfit cos let’s face it there isn’t too much to talk about it. So enjoy the pictures 🙂

Top – Bershka
Shorts – Gap 
Shoes – H&M
Necklace – Ebay
Earrings & Bag – Primark
Bracelet – Swarovski

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