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Each time I’m doing a style post , I try not to repeat the items of clothing I’m wearing to keep things more interesting but this time please allow me as I’ll present to you second time in a row the amazing tweed Mango jacket! You can never get enough tweed even during summer. Because yes, I’m one of those crazy people who wear tweed during summer and light chiffon blazers during winter! Don’t think I’m joking here. I totally do that!! Today I have wanted to present to you this outfit I have worn for my first charity event experience, Lunch with an Old Bag! Ahh… It was really a day which I won’t forget, ever! I’m going to store it in my special section in my brain called “The most unforgettable moments ever!” And the space in there is getting smaller and smaller as this year was really the year of unforgettable experience! I can’t wait for end of the year so I can bring them all back and share them with you! 

On a very serious note, the night before lunch I’ve started panicking, quite seriously, as the question appeared in my head “What am I going to wear?!”. Being a fashion blogger and fashion lover and also being a fashion obsessed over all no matter where I go I always think what to wear! Sometimes its the first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up. Specially on a day like this! When it comes to the charity event you don’t want to wear something that will cause, a scene or draw the attention away from the event but than again it’s fashion industry and if you’re planning on coming wearing mum jeans, trainers and some plain t-shirt I think in this case you might not show up! Most of the time fashion is about finding the right balance. The balance between modern and timeless, original and classic, fashionable and 100% you. I could go on for the whole day. 

And as much as I love playing around with fashion and push it’s boundaries there is nothing wrong with dressing up quite simple. Sometimes that’s all you need. The moment I’ve seen this little black dress (more on it’s ecstatic soon) in Zara I knew that was exactly what I was looking for! Something very simple, feminine yet elegant. And it works with everything and I mean everything I have in my wardrobe! So no surprise that it worked with this mint tweeded jacket, and I know who the hell wears tweed in a middle of a summer? But if it’s not hurting it ain’t working. Hey, you can always take the jacket off once you arrive, right? And as always I had my beloved heels, those black studded leather ones were perfect for the whole look and really worked with my bad due to the silver details. What do you think of this look? Did I achieved the elegant yet modern Chanel look? 
On another hand I don’t know why my recently I’ve been mispronouncing very normal and everyday words or hearing them differently I had few of those situations couple of days ago instead of hearing “My Queen” in a song lyrics I’ve heard “McQueen” and instead of saying “Blueberry” I’ve said “Burberry”! Do you think it’s time for me to get professional help in this matter? 🙂

Jacket – Mango
Dress & Bag – Zara
Shoes & Necklace – H&M
Earrings – Primark
Watch – Tissot 1853
Bracelet – Swarovski

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