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Who else likes the days when you have nothing major planned, when you can actually wait and see what day will bring you? Yeah, it ain’t going to happen! Especially if you are a fashion blogger. Gosh, trust me this life is busy and utterly fabulous! For real! Imagine, a whole day of just wondering around the best department stores in London? From Harrods, Harvey Nicholas and Miss Selfridge, seeping a skinny latte or two. Trying on clothes and getting lost in a make up and shoe section at Harrods? But let me rewind a little bit and tell you all about the day spent in Central London with my good friend and fellow fashion blogger, Josh Milton. 
As a typical fashion bloggers we have met up in Central London, in posh area Green Park, well if you are wearing an Hermes bracelet it makes you do things such as these. Plus isn’t it the place where all the cool people hang out? The truth is we hadn’t planned anything, the day was totally random but than again aren’t these the best days? We started off by going to Burberry in Knightsbridge looking for those famous trench coats (they are in my must have’s) we’ve found them very easily, obviously. Too bad we didn’t have enough money to buy haha. But thank god trying on designers clothes is still free! Even in Harrods! I love this place so much, from fashion, beauty, food but what gets me the most about it is the interior design of this place! Every time I’m there I feel like in totally different culture! And let’s not forget the clothes, me and Josh have tried on so many jackets that I can’t even count them on my fingers. I loved the purple tweeded jacket by Chanel, such a classic and I don’t care that it’s still summer! A good tweed is a must! After a selfie at Celine department we’ve went to Toy Kingdom and OMG! Guys! I don’t care how old I am this place just brings a little kid in me! Can you imagine a room full of toys, sweets and costumes! No wonder Harrods is a destination to all the tourists from all around the world! 
The only trouble with Harrods was the fact despise the fact we might be “typical fashion bloggers” we still didn’t have the budget to shop in this place I mean 33 pounds for 9 macaroons is rather insane isn’t it? In Harvey Nicholas the prices aren’t that high for a box of macaroons so we could afford them and still have some money left for …. wait for it! Figi water! Or as Josh described it “Overpriced water” but it was full of minerals I guess that’s why it costed 1.05. According to Josh “I couldn’t taste the minerals I want my 1.05 back!” bless him! But the best is always for the last if you follow me on social media you must have seen how many time I’ve said how much I am in desperate need of Chanel. Friday, 25th July  was the day when I’ve bought my first Chanel! No,not the bag, argh I wish but not yet. I have decided to spoil myself a little and buy myself a Chanel mirror! But it was so worth the money, trust me! 
Also on that day I didn’t even plan to wear an outfit I would have thought to blog about. I always try to keep my outfits for blog, stylish, classic and with a twist. Boring and simple is something I try to avoid, but oh well, here you go. A very simple, head to toe black outfit with skull scarf, Hermes silver cuff and asymmetrical shorts! Perfect for a stereotypical fashion blogger haha (not that it’s a bad thing) I think Shit That Bloggers Wear would be proud of me! Check this website out if you are a blogger and have at least little bit of humor, check it out! It will make you laugh. You’re welcome! Oh and we also had Starbucks now that’s what I call a total cliche!
Do not let fashion bloggers out on the street!
















Top  /Shorts /Sunnies- New Look
Bag – Zara
Shoes – Ebay
Scarf – Mango
Necklace – Bershka
Bracelet- Hermes


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