Black and textures is a pure perfection! 


Style icons! Their grunge and minimalistic style will always be so inspirational for me. 


Over-sized everywhere! Loves it!


So chic!!


This outfit is so chic! The hat is always a fantastic accessory specially for Spring Summer season! But the whole outfit in general is a winner! Loves it! 


This Pevoni dress designed and made my Carlotta Actis Barone is absolutely stunning! Not only great piece of art but also clothing! Haha I mean I can totally see myself wearing this! 


I need this top in my life!  *Mirada voice from The Devil Wears Prada* That’s all


The results of my boredom during holidays haha!


A gold smokey eye is perfect for summer! Shinny!


Argh why can’t I be Lindsay or Jac?! Life’s just not fair at times!


I don’t why but I find this so cool! 


Haha look what I’ve found! This photo use to be my phone cover couple of years ago. 


Say whatever you want tattoo’s can be cool! 


Perfect closet! I would need something like this times 10! 


Haha a water in a can shaped as coke or fanta! That’s a healthy alternative. But is it really water?


Even thou I’m not a photographer old camera’s have always been an intrest of mine. How vintage of me!




Stephane Rolland S/S 2012 Couture 


Mia goth by Rushka Bergman for L’uomo Vogue


Can you imagine shooting there?! *_*


Book, coffee and comfortable clothes aka by Sunday’s when I have nothing planned! 


And my obsession with metallic continue …




This make up from Chanel S/S 14 Couture is just perfect! 7 months after the fashion show and I love this eye make up even more! I think I love it more than the clothes. Is that bad? 


I just can’t right now. 


As it’s summer let’s add bit of color in this post. And butterfly’s! 


I love such photography. It looks so innocent yet I’m sure most people will be like “but she’s almost naked!” So?! 


Ohhhhhh soooo pretty!!!


Fashion my religion. Designers are my God’s! 


Is it just me or is this Rolex commercial? If it’s not someone please change it!!! 


I love models with good street style. Work it gurl. Of catwalk as well!


Ahh I love everything about this photo, the make up, hair, clothes, expression and the whole mood of the photograph! 


Say whatever you want but Anja Rubik is and will be one of the best models! Look at her walk! 


I don’t know why but wow this is so freaking awesome!  


All black everything!


Taylor Momsen for Samantha Travisa, I’m aware she meant to sell the bag but damn I want that dress! 


Simplicity is the key! Sometimes 🙂 


Elegant fashion isn’t only thing I love. Such fashion is another love of mine and has been for a long time! Believe it or not  but I tried to wear such stuff as well, but let’s just say I didn’t have my parents approval! 


White hair and black clothes!


Tattoos, leopard print and gold jewelry. Seems too much in theory right? But if you’ll see it, it can work. Well done Bill Kaulitz! 


White draped dress are the thing with me! Love love love them!


Gold once again! Pretty! 


Elegant shoes and ripped jeans! YAS!!
Photo. Tumblr, instagram 


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