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I’m rewriting this post, as the earlier version was typed on my phone on my journey to Cambridge! And you know what I defiantly need to get out of London more often! But I didn’t go to Cambridge to behave a tourist (and believe me I so would!) No, I came to for to totally different purpose! You must have seen me talking about it non stop for the past couple of weeks, and I’m so sorry to constantly spam your twitter but trust me it was an event worth doing so! I am one of those people who loves what I do with all my heart, passion is practically coming off my skin and if you meet me in person and have 10 min conversation with me about fashion (bless you if you do, because I do not shut up!) you’ll see it straight away. But I am one of the lucky ones, not everyone my age knows exactly where to start with their education or career and let’s face it life isn’t easy for everyone. 

However there is always someone to help you! When I had a rough time and wasn’t quite sure what do to I’ve reached out to the Celebrity Ambassador of Princes Trust, Lewis- Duncan Weedon, and he has been helping me and guiding me ever since. We need more people like that in our society! And that’s exactly that Princes Trust does! Funded by HRH The Prince of Wales in 1976 to change young people lives and help them into education and work placements. They offer support to get young people into work placements, which unfortunately isn’t as easy. Turn their life’s around and provide lot’s of other amazing programs to build confidence and get new skills! But let’s face it helping others costs money, that’s why Cambridge Roar Ltd. have started doing events to help raise money for The Trust. How kind! And all the help it needed as The Trusts is spending 1m per week to help their young people.

The week of fundraising started off with the Lunch with an Old Bag held in Quy Mill Hotel, hosted by Lewis- Duncan Weedon. With 3 singing acts from Arianna Morgan, Ashleigh K, James Poole, and Lydia Lucy as well as a fabulous designer bag action and of course the lunch! This being my first major charity lunch I got to attend I’m not going to lie I was stunned! The experience of seeing how these organisations work was absolutely unforgettable and amazing experience for me. The fact that mixing passion and helping others can work so well, really makes me that there is still some good left in this world. Faith in humanity restored! But wait a second, if you think I’ve finished, you’ve clearly forgot how much I like to talk or write! 

Celebrity Ambassador of Princes Trust, Lewis-Duncan Weedon and Chairman of Cambridge Roar, Tony Murdock.
The praises for auction, from fashion, beauty and music! 
I must have looked like one of the photographers if not I’ve defiantly was behaving like a stereotypical blogger as I was taking pictures of everything. Well at least what my camera would allow me. And of course documenting everything as I was there on facebook, twitter and instagram! Thank God for free wii fii connection! The day was filled with so many events and surprises. But first of all food! 
Lunch Time!
Citrus cured salmon with salmon mousse, lemon emulsion, caper dressing and watercress
Such a light and refreshing dish, a perfect starter. I have always liked fish and salmon has been my favorite one of them all, so you can only imagine my joy when this beautifully presented dish was put in front of me. If a dish looks divine it makes it taste even better! But not only it looked delicious but also tasted delicious!
Main Course
Poached and roasted free range chicken breast, con fit potato, cauliflower textures and curry oil.
The main course was as light as the started but more fulfilling. And incredibly healthy as well! The chicken combined with cauliflower and roasted potato was incredibly tasty! 


Chocolate and cherry torte, cherry ice cream, chocolate paint and cracking candy.
You know why dessert is after starter and main course? Because best is saved for last! The dark chocolate and cherry torte was simply the best I have ever had! Combined with cherry ice cream to cool us down a little was just, argh I have no words. Perfect! 


Between each course there were singing acts, keeping the guests entertained. But let’s not forget about the action! All the money donated were going to the kids of  Princes Trust! The main auction was all about handbags, from Prada to vintage treasures from Lewis- Duncan’s wardrobe all those handbags were just breathtaking. And how cool was the idea of having the each auction table named after designer brands?! But that wasn’t all! Besides form the bags lot’s of amazing beauty and fashion brands has donated their products to be auctioned as well! Well done to all very one who won their prizes but most of all congratulations on pulling off this amazing event!! 
This really shows how dedication, hard work and fun pays off! Huge love and thanks to Cambridge Roar, Lewis- Duncan Weedon, Quy Mill Hotel creating this fabulous event and letting me be part of it!




























Press Photos: Mobis Photos



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    Fabulous blog & Photos… Now I feel like i really was there … Thanks for sharing
    Laura ~ Cloudberry Bags


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