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Few weeks ago, ok months (I’m sorry it’s been hectic) ! I went to Debenhams press day. This press day took place in a heart of London and favorite place for shopaholics, Oxford Circus. I always joke that Oxford St. (or Central London in general) is my second home, it’s not only the shops I’m craving but there’s this vibe about being in Central London. 

You might know this or not but I’m a sucker for beauty! I don’t understand why I’m not writing about it more often… Hmm this needs to change 😉 Ok, here you go short reviews of the items I got in my Debenhams goodie bag from their press day couple of weeks ago. When it comes to beauty reviews I really like to take my time to try, enjoy and see how the product works. It’s not like fashion when you see the item, like the way it looks and write how much you love it. No! whenever I review or just write about beauty I need to experience and live little but with the product I’m reviewing! For me beauty is also lifestyle, it becomes a part of everyday routine. From make up, fragrances, creams and bath products we all use at least one stated here once a day. I have took my time to try out each product I was given to deliver you my honest opinion about it.

Aqua Manda Fragrance London


When it comes to perfume I love them! But at the same time I’m bit old school when it comes to changing my fragrance. When I have my favorite fragrance I stick with it and I’m not too keen about changing it. But I’m seriously considering on getting a bigger version of this one. Agua Manda Fragrance London has a very lovely spicy sweet scent to it absolutely perfect for summer time. The spicy combined with sweetness of this perfume is ideal for hot summer  days. I can’t wait to get my full bottle. Can you? 🙂 

Essie Nail Polish Color 260


I’m not a huge pink color person. Usually the only pink things I own are headphones, accessories or lipsticks. When it comes to nail polish, I don’t mind having pink nails from time do time. The baby pink shade looks amazing combined with nude or black! So chic! It also lasts for long time! Love it, (can’t wait to have my nails grown out so I can show you how it really looks 🙂 ) Get Essie! 


Calvin Klein Ghost Perfume


Calvin Klein was always the designer and brand I’ve always had weakness for. Whenever it was fashion or beauty. The whole ascetic of the brand is so clean and chic that I knew this perfume would represent it! Debenhams has killed my curiosity and helped me answer all those questions I had about this perfume. And my main was, “Was it really as great at advertisement and everyone else claimed to be?” The bottle may be small (even thou this photo makes it bigger than it actually is) but you don’t need tone of perfume to keep it fresh! Nonetheless Calvin Klein Ghost is defiantly ending up in my perfume shelf! 


Steam Cream Simple Quality Skincare Limited Edition
This product is a perfect example of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. But before you will start wondering “what is talking about now?”. Let me give you all the details about this product and first and formest is always how it looks. I’m sorry, but that’s what you get when you work in fashion sooner or later you will look at the packaging of the product. And who could blame me?! It was absolutely stunning! But I’m preparing another post for you where you can see the whole beauty of it and for now lets concentrate about what’s inside. When I have firstly used the product I was shocked about the fact (don’t laugh) how soft it was! Ok, I know I sound ridiculous because it’s a cream of course it’s going to be soft! But the texture of it was quite different from other body creams I’ve used before (and I use a lot!). The only “but” I’d have for this product is the smell. At least for me it wasn’t too pleasant but hey, at least my skin is nice a soft. We have to prioritize sometimes haha 🙂 


Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss “Rebel”


“Rebel rebel, you torn your dress rebel rebel your face is a mess…” My face may be a mess but my make up is always on point! This song by David Bowie reminded me of this rebel lip gloss.  Since I’ve got it, it’s been a must in my handbag! Not only because of the name of it, although it does sounds very cool. Marvelous MOXIE is made my Bare Minerals which is known for it’s hydrating effects, it’s perfect for your lips! The rebel color was ideal for me as it gave lots of shade to my lips. And have a mentioned it tastes like mint and makes your lips more pumped up!?! Yeah! 
I could lie and play smart and tell you that “Yes, I knew all the brands on the press day!” Haha, sure I didn’t! Debenhams has thousands of clients in their store within beauty and fashion sector only someone who’d be totally obsessed with it would know all of them! I’m not THAT crazy about fashion and beauty… kind of! Murad was a brand that was introduced to me over the course of the press day. Sure, I’ve seen it in magazines and advertisements but when it comes to beauty I really like to try the products, myself and don’t really too much of what advertisement says. Different product work differently for everyone. When I have used this product myself after the treatment my skin was fresh and hydrated! Even thou it’s meant to be anti aging I feel like 19 is the perfect age to use those kind of products. Right? (FYI I’m being sarcastic!) Get yours here.
Arctic Lift
It absolutely amazes me the fact that we can get creams for everything! You name it, you got it! Haha, I know there are different elements to different creams, it depends what kind of cream you’re looking for. And did I just say cream!? Haha, yes creams are another slight obsession of mine! But I’ll be doing a separate post on it soon (hopefully!) Now, back to neck cream. I got this cute 7.5ml bottle which was a sample (I hope so!) because how much neck cream are you going to use after all? The one and only thing I can say about this product is the fact, that it really works! It hydrates your skin instantly and keeps it like it for hours, if you will be using this product regularly. And having separate bottle of cream for your neck does feel special 🙂 Here’s the link
Fashion Fair
Fashion Fair… The name it’s self sounds very tempting to try out this product. After all, fashion and beauty go hand in hand! I just love when brands are showing this, even if they are adding “fashion” in their name. This cleanser with vitamin C works miracles on my skin! Just like a fairy. Ha! At this point in my life, cleansers are my must have! I try to clear my skin 2-4 times a week. When I’ve started to use this products I’ve seen the difference not only the blackhead and spots are slowly drying out and coming off, my skin feels fresh and hydrated! 
Baylis and Harding England Limited Edition Strawberry and Cream Hand Wash
Getting gift bags is fun and all but some of them can get really heavy (not that I’m complaining, they can be as heavy as they want) I still have a mark on my arm from the Debenhams goodie bag! And this is the reason for it! This strawberry delight! I really start to think that beauty and dermatologists  companies are trying to kill me! I mean, first of all. The packaging of this HAND WASH looks do darn cute that all you want to do is eat it,right?! Or is it just me? And second of all, the sweet smell of strawberry’s really do make me hungry for this hand wash! I couldn’t find the strawberry & cream one for you, maybe because it was limited edition duh! But here is the alternative in quite a nice price range for such a heavy and big bottle!
Thank you Debenhams and all the beauty brands featured for my fabulous products! 


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