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Few weeks ego I was invited to Vans Launch Party in Brick Lane.  Sadly, I haven’t got a chance to shoot my outfit choice for this event but now I think it’s good that I haven’t. As I have found the invitation on the last minute, literally. I have worn the first thing that I could find in my wardrobe without even thinking about my outfit choice, and to be completely honest when I think about it, it wasn’t the finest styling for Vans collection launch! That’s why I have came out with this outfit later on. I got these shoes few days ago 🙂 As Vans being a sportswear I’m sure you will agree with me heel less high heels and black and white printed leggings are bit too punk for such event. And that’s what I’ve worn there! Oh well, never mind because I have prepared an outfit that would be perfect for such event, especially if like me you like to mix different styles of clothes!
Vans being a sport wear as well as street wear, I have decided to make my outfit a bit more casual but elegant and of course sporty! Perfect for fashionistas who are always on the run!  And let’s face it, at some point in we all need comfortable shoes!  And fashionista rule number 1. LOOK STYLISH AT ALL TIMES!  If I’m admitting it, the lover of heels I think it must be little bit of the truth. Who agrees with me?
I have mixed a bit of sporty look, touch of punk and quarter of elegance. I’m sure from the top I am wearing, you will notice the famous “parental advisory explicit content” logo, which is seen mostly by recording industry,seen on the CD covers and all over clothes now! H&M has always done an excellent job with capturing the biggest trends of the runways. (Runways get it?! Rock this Runway!) Whenever it is from London, New York, Milan or Paris. But fashion is much more than just following trends, although I have to admit the moment I’ve seen the model walk at the Alexander Wang S/S 14′ show with the original design of the top I knew it was going to be huge trend this season! I mean look around you, these tops/ t-shirts are huge among fashion bloggers and I’m not even going to attempt to apologize to go little bit mainstream, haha!
To make the parental advisory more obvious in my outfit I have worn the dangerous looking studded knee leggings, they are one of my favorite ones! And trust me, the studs are sharp, great for deference, haha! I guess you could call it the ‘punk’ element to my outfit. But this time I was excited more about my new trainers and necklace than my punk ‘look’! I know right? What the hell is happening?! Don’t act too surprised shoes are one of my favorite pieces from my wardrobe after all, even if they may seem “not the typical me”. To add the sparkle and glam to my look I have added crystal Swarovski bracket that can also be warn as necklace and silver necklace from Alice Wonders, the statement necklace are my must haves this season and the shape and color of the piece I’m wearing works with most of my clothes! And as always I’ve ended this outfit with fitted black jacket, my all time must have!
Jacket / Top / Bag – H&M
Leggings – Bik Bok
Shoes – Even and Odd
Necklace – Alice Wonders
Silver Bracelet – Dorothy Perkins

































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