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Well, if I have to be honest. The only piece of menswear I am wearing in this outfit is the tie! It is MEN’S fashion week after all so I’ve felt like at least a bit of menswear was required.  I have wanted to wear something like an updated female version of tuxedo. But not too obvious. At first, yes I have thought about wear a navy suit with little bit of a bling. But as I was about to buy trousers to match the jacket (the one I’m wearing here) I had a different idea. Having a full on suit is very classic but a bit of cliche. isn’t it? I like nothing more than men in suits and trust me during LCM there were lots of them in all colors and patterns. But as always I didn’t want to blend with the crowd 🙂 
I love elegance with all my heart! I don’t think you will understand my appreciation of it! You can do so much with it! The possibilities are endless when it comes to true classic elegance! Celebrity stylist and my fashion icon who I got chance to interview here, Lewis- Duncan Weedon, has described my outfit as very Grace Kelly!!! Yeah! You can only imagine my happiness! Grace Kelly is such an icon to so many despise the fact her style might not be as “fresh” and “cool” to everyone, specially in today’s modern world but the thing about her style is that it still will fit into today’s streets of modern world! Well, it’s called timeless for a reason. By the way, who’s excited to see “Grace of Morocco” argh I hope I’ll find sometime to see it! 
I feel like with this look I am going to prove to you that you don’t need huge amount of money to look stylish or fashionable! If I were a stranger looking at someone wearing the outfit I am here I would have thought that this person must be rich. Urghh I know right vain much?! 🙂 What annoys me about fashion industry or rather the misinterpretation of it by people that aren’t in  think to look good you need to have money. And that’s so not the case!You cant buy yourself a style. It’s something is you regards what! you can born with it. it comes so natural to you as breathing. (wait while my vain moment passes) and when I have putted this outfit together that’s how if felt. I’m aware it doesn’t look as rock n roll of me as some of you might think but it is 100% me! I’m not going to lie or even try to hide my excitement for this outfit! It was so chic, comfortable and visible and effortless. I felt like I’ve wanted to wear it all the time!
Jacket – H&M
Pants – Mango
Shirt / Tie / Shoes / Bag / Belt- Primark
Necklace / Bracelet – Vintage



Photography by: Alma Rosaz

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