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I can’t even describe how happy I am that sun is out in London and for a change decided to stay here! Summer is finally here and sun is finally out! Just in time, because I have so many different outfit’s so show you, there are days which I wish you could just get into my head and see them all it would be so much quicker! But then the fun would be gone! For me as I love taking photos, changing outfits and sharing this later on with you! When it comes to fashion trends come and go. And than come back again. And again, and again and again… You get the point right? Basically they are keep recycling itself! Spring and summer is the time for the fashion of 50’s and 60’s to grace the pages of magazines, streets and fashion blogs. Always with modern twist. 
Being into fashion and working in this industry requires so much more than just “looking pretty” or “going to parties”. No! You need to have the right timing, have your own taste and still have the knowledge of current and past trends. And also know about colors, shapes, sizes ect. I don’t want to sound vain, even thou I might a touch but I have always had a good eye for color and shapes, every time I style myself I try to make it fashionable but also show my personal taste and most of all, make it work for my figure! But did you know in Victorian times women use to change their figures mostly by corsetry? Back then the perfect figure for women was hour glass shape and that trend followed later on in 50’s and 60’s. When  I have first thought of this outfit the theme of 60’s fashion was defiantly in my mind. Looking thought the pictures and old movies it seemed like fashion back then was so effortless, elegant and simple! 
So was thinking of this outfit! You might believe me or not but figuring out this outfit was so easy and quick for me! So natural! Even thou it might seem bit too elegant for me, I always say elegance is the key! Even if you are into hard rock, and leather jackets! Sometimes one simple detail is needed to change the whole look! But don’t think I’ve became Miss Elegant now! I love elegance, minimalism but also Gothic and punk fashion. I don’t think this will ever change. Looks like I’m stuck! 🙂
The key to Gothic fashion is BLACK! You wouldn’t be a Goth without black color (shade actually but we will talk about it another time!) But all those years wearing black I have never realized how amazing it can look mixed with other colors. Such as nude! I usually tend to mix black with white or grey or another color BUT nude. And nude is perfect for not only black and grey shades but also for summer! The warm tone of it makes it so wearable for hot summer days. Mixed with golds and black you can get the effect of richness and pure simpleness. Elegance is fun and all but what kind of outfit would I have without at least touch of punk aesthetics? Beside the blacks, check out the scarf I’ve picked out in Mango this week! I’ve bought it without thinking! It reminded me so much for the famous Alexander McQueen scarves that all fashionistas are proud to own (except for me :)) Well, it was much cheaper and chic just like the original of it. Don’t wear fashion just because it’s a certain designer, wear it because you love it! (This comes from someone who is in desperate need of Chanel Boy! Haha) So, yet again, chic, elegant, quite rebellious and fun! Remember you don’t need to wear designer to fashion 🙂
Top / Shoes / Necklace / Ring – Primark
Skirt / Bracelet – Vintage
Scarf – Mango



















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