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As men’s fashion week is approaching I have decided to look back at my main fashion inspirations and people who influence my style on daily basis. When it comes to fashion I tend to get inspired more my men than women fashion, this is how my fashion take on things started off anyways. I have done another interview with fashion insider, who knows everything about menswear and womenswear fashion. Lewis- Duncan Weedon. The name doesn’t need an introduction. He’s a celebrity stylist, make up artist, model, celebrity ambassador for The Princes Trust and Fashion Editor at Meade Magazine. And my style icon! You would think someone as busy won’t have a spare minute during the day to have this interview with me but he did, so lucky me!

1. What is your role in Meade Magazine?
In Meade Magazine I am a fashion editor and celebrity and society editor. I write about fashion, make up brands and events in and out of London.

2. Do you prefer women’s or men’s fashion week?
London Fashion Week appeals more because of my fashion taste and clients but London Collections: Men is really a fantastic mix of great men’s style and fashion.

3. What do you think about androgyny that’s happening in fashion?
Annie Lennox and David Bowie are huge style icons to me. I love women in a men’s shirt or jacket. I think it can be so sexy, blurring.

4. Why did you decide to start making youtube videos?
I’m not sure, I have enjoyed watching other peoples videos so thought let’s give it a go.

5. I’ve heard about this amazing event you are hosting for Cambridge Roar. Could you tell us more about it?
Lunch with an Old Bag is an amazing event to rise money for The Princes Trust. It’s going to be lunch with high fashion, bag auction, and 3 course dinner. As a stylist and Princes Trust Ambassador I will talk about latest trends in fashion and my role with The Trust.

6. What is the main thing you are looking for in fashion you are choosing to wear?
My style is based on the lines. I’m always looking for comfort style and elegance. I don’t like to try hard in  fashion.

To read his articles on fashion, make up and lifestyle go to Meade Magazine
Give him a follow on twitter @ldweedon  and instagram @ldweedon
Join Lewis- Duncan  for Lunch with an old bag on Wednesday 16th July to help raise money for The Princes Trust! 

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