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Call me crazy but last week I was so excited to go back to school! Exactly a week ago Kinga went back to school! But not the way you think I did. As much as respect education my comeback there had nothing to do with learning. Not this year anyway. I was asked to model for one of my friends who had her final major collection (FMP) shown. The stress! But it was defiantly worth it! This time instead of worrying about where models are, make up and all those stuff that are in the hands of a designer I could lay back and just enjoy myself. But did it happen? Of course not!! Are you kidding me? Haha, I’m this kind of person who really likes to get involved in everything I’m doing.
Especially fashion! So, I was happy to help. Which led towards running around having 4 changes per show (there were two, first one at 2pm and second one at 7pm) doing make up for one of the models (ahh watching make up artists and asking them 1000 of questions has paid off!) and of course fixing garments! (if you’ve finished fashion course and are modelling stay quiet otherwise you will get tone of work! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) But at the end of the day it was all worth it! All this sleepless nights have paid off (for the students not me. I’ve done it!).
Wait. Have I missed something? of course not! As I save the best for the last! I was asked to walk for Aleksandra Szczesna, it was the second time I’ve walked for her and hopefully not the last!
The collection inspired by architecture made me fall in love with it from the first sight. And yes, I’ve seen it way before I got to wear it. These are the perks of knowing your designers haha ๐Ÿ™‚ The garment structure and fabric reminded me of New York fashion aesthetics, very clean and tailored. Especially the work of Alexander Wang! And ย not only I got too see the collection first I could choose which outfit to wear!! Say what?! As much as the dress appealed to me I really liked the top with the skirt. Let’s face it fashion design always starts with a line. And this collection made it very clear! The black lines you see here aren’t embellishment and aren’t print either. These are trends! How cleaver! It have such a nice texture to the tailored cut and salmon color! Loved it!
What do you guys think?
Designer & Photography: Aleksandra Szczesna
Make Up, Model & Stylist: Kinga Kurek









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