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It’s been a while hasn’t it? Please don’t make me feel worse than I already feel for not keeping you up to date with this blog! Arghh, there’s been so much happening letelly that I didn’t have a chance to write about any of it! I’m starting to think it may be a time to hire an assistant. What do you think? 😉



This week I was invited to a launch at Design Museum held in Central London, actually just right next to River Themes and London Bridge. You can only imagine the amazing view from there! I remember when studying fashion in college, Design Museum was number one place to get inspirations for new collections, photo shoots or in general art. And defiantly not only for me. Design Museum is known for having to shown the top quality artists and designers within fashion, architecture or fine art, where students, tourists and locals visit everyday to experience the artistic side of London. So I’m sure you’ll agree with me that having a design shown there is a huge deal! This opportunity was given to an amazing designer and artist I got to work couple of times and wore her fantastic designs for London Fashion Week. Can you guess who I’m talking about? I’m sure you can, her name is written right in the header. Carlotta Actis Barone! She will make you believe that anything in fashion is possible! Even beer bottle dress!

The launch was held in Design Museum on the third floor with breathtaking London view. As I’ve arrived the party was on full swing, with people chating, laughing and of course drinking Peroni beer. During the event I have heard lot’s of Italian which shouldn’t be too surprising as these are the roots of Carlotta Actis Barone but also Peroni is an Italian beer brand, and good one of that! seriously is there something Italians cannot do?! As always I was accompanied by my friend and celebrity stylist, Lewis- Duncan Weedon, who on the day wore stunning jacket designed by Carlotta! The event was full of people from fashion and art world. And of course beer!

But I’m sure most of you are starting to wonder “What does beer and fashion have in common?” Besides the fact that when you will combine those two you could end up with something, different? Haha! Well, Peroni brand have set a task to designers and artist to create a piece of art around Peroni bottle. Being a fashion designer Carlotta Actis Barone has designed and made a dress out of around 200 Peroni bottles! Now, that’s a lot of bottles, I don’t even want to know how heavy it is! But this dress is more than fashion, it’s a piece of art! I’m so proud of Carlotta Actis Barone for making this incredible design!

I didn’t get the chance to get any press pictures so you’ll just have to enjoy the IPhone photos!




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