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After the fashion show with part of Meade Magazine Team, Fossy Meade Editor in Chef and Lewis- Duncan Weedon, Fashion Editor.Β 
Another month, another fashion show. Seriously if I wouldn’t go to at least one fashion related event at least few times a month I would’ve been sick! Well, it does get addictive. The adrenaline rush from problems such as “what to wear” “have you got the invites”, “where are you exacly?”. I could write a whole book about it! Even thou this season of London Collections Men I went to only one show you don’t understand how stressed out I was! But all of this was defiantly worth it!
When it comes to men’s fashion I think that simplicity is the key. Nothing looks better on a men than a suit! Who agrees with me hands up! Β I don’t need to say over and over again how much I love fashion, right? πŸ™‚ From women’s, men’s, accessories. I love it all! Fashion shows are just another way to see it! This Tuesday Alma and I were invited to see the newest collection from La Corde Homme. The fashion show held in small, clean space known as Mercer Street Studios. And ideal space! I love when designers showcase their collections in such an esstetic. It makes the garments much more visible and exciting to watch!
You know what else I love? When designers name their collections! It’s more interesting than just Spring/Summer ’15. By hearing the name of the collection I feel like I get more insigtes into the collection and designers vision. La Corde Homme “Travelling Poet”. The name itself makes me want to see more. The brands vision of “New Focus, New Life” is all about the understanding of “The Art of Travelling”. The garments gave that vision perfectly! From the clean cuts, printed flowers and embellishments on trousers, jackets and shirts the collections said it all! Not only it brought such a charm, glamour and elegance into men’s fashion it has also shown how travelling and what’s all around us ends up on fashion and how we wear it in everyday life. The fashion show and it’s collection really made me think about it. La Corde Homme extraordinary style of designs blends perfectly with British aesthetics of prints, clean tailored cut’s of Europe and Chinese invention in design.















Photography by Alma Rosaz

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