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Who here takes photo’s and later on totally forget about them completely! I know I should have shown you this outfit months ago, as I have worn this during LFW Day 4. But you know how it is during LFW, hectic! So don’t be too angry with me for not showing you this outfit. I have no idea if I have told you this but LFW during February was the first time I was able to see the shows! So of course I have wanted to wear something, fashionable but yet comfortable and me! 
For the last few seasons we have seen crisp white shirts in all different shapes and forms. I remember when I was in high school and wearing uniform was one of the worst things! Not only it use to be so uncomfortable and not visually appealing but also it made me look the same as everyone else, and yes that’s the whole point of uniform but as you know looking as everyone is not my thing! Why look as everyone else when you can just look like yourself?! 
However since I’ve left the horrible place called school haha, I can wear whatever I wish and show the world thought what I’m wearing who I am. And who would I’d be without my beloved leather? I love it in every shape and form, forms jackets, shoes, dress or accessories there is something about leather, that no matter how you’ll wear it, it will always make a statement. That’s why I love it so much! This Alexandra Carolina skirt was perfect! Combined  with the mink scarf made it look rich, yet punkish. But the jacket from Carlotta Actis Barone is the thing that made the whole outfit stud out! Before I’ll get into details why I’ve chose it, I have wanted to say that this jacket was too perfect. And how can a jacket be too perfect? Well, not only it was stylish but also it felt (and looked) like it was tailored to my body. I have worn tones of jackets over the years and I have never had a jacket fit me as this jacket fitted me! 
As you know mixing black, white and colors kind of became my signature style.  I love playing around with it and see what will happen. I don’t know about you but I feel like the purple of the jacket mixed with mink scarf and faux fur bag made it look very royal. Don’t you think? Haha don’t listen to Lorde telling you that you’ll never be royals! You might not be a royal but wearing the right designers and brands you can defiantly look like you are! 

Jacket – Carlotta Actis Barone @CarlottaFashion
Shirt – Primark 
Shirt – Alexandra Carolina
Shoes – Jefferey Campbell
Hair piece – Adourble @Adourable_com
Necklace – Dorothy Perkins
Ring – Primark
Scarf – Vintage
Bag – Edna London 

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